Do you know this Asian girl?

Anyone know who this girl is?

Thanks in advance for your help


I switched three search engines, two apps and finally found her, she is a TikTok vlogger, the following is a screenshot of the username and link (English is not good, use translation software, may be wrong)

Angier安琪的抖音 - 抖音 (


You beat me to it. She is great, I’m a huge fan of her stuff.

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Thank you, I also noticed a detail, the content of her account was stolen and moved to TikTok, and these pirated accounts generally have a characteristic, that is, the number of followers compared to the official account (2 million +) can basically be said to be no (about 1000+… )I’m thinking about whether or not to notify Shimohara bloggers about this(Let’s talk about it tomorrow, it’s already 2 o’clock in the morning here)


Yes, this also happens a lot on facebook, a lot of fake accounts for popular vloggers. You can see the quality of the videos goes down quite a bit, too.

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