Do you think testing your own scripts is a bit like tickling yourself? (ie it doesn't work for you?)

I’ve scripted this video but its not working for me, its scripted in sync with the video but it doesn’t seem to be fast enough or something or maybe its just because I made it and that’s why it doesn’t work for me? anyone else felt like this?


I’ve only been casually scripting for a few months, but I think that’s totally reasonable.

It is possible that your script is legitimately not that exciting. It happens… especially if you’re trying to script accurately. Slow and small movements can be amazing with actual human anatomy, but that kind of sucks in a script.

Interestingly, I find that the inverse also happens sometimes when shooting for accuracy. Pornstars are professionals and God damn, some of the movements they make are just too intense for me.

So I try to test my scripts multiple times before releasing them. I make the boring bits more intense and I tone down the bits that are too intense. Generally, I shoot for realism, but there’s a certain amount of creative interpretation involved. If you script with the mindset that 8==|==D is 50% and can only ever be 50% without exception, you’re severely limiting yourself.

Try selecting all the top points and bumping them up 10-20%. Try setting all of your bottom points to 0 so each stroke is a full motion. Try keeping the strokes the same length but instead of something consistent like 0-5, 0-5, 0-5, 0-5, 0-5 go for 0-5, 1-6, 2-7, 3-8, 4-9, 5-10. Maybe add some vibration or even some of those sacrilegious filler strokes!

Basically, don’t be afraid to get creative and experimental. You’re not alone. I’m still trying to figure out what works best myself.

Perhaps most importantly, take a break. Step away from the script and come back later. Hell, maybe even work on a second script and come back to this one when you’re done.


For me, it’s a little different. I’ll spend a ton of time wondering if a insertion point is done right, or a tongue swirl, or something else. Then when I preview it, it comes and goes without me even noticing lol.

I will say that by the time I finish a script, I don’t revisit it for a few weeks since I’m tired of staring at the same performers junk for hours. More content fatigue than the sensation of the script.


Absolutely, especially longer videos. Like g90ak said, I think it’s fatigue from just looking at the same video over and over again but I also start thinking too much about the script and can’t really enjoy myself. If there are particularly hard parts to script or some part where I messed up and accidentally deleted an entire section, whenever I reach that part of the script, it will take me back to that moment of frustration. I still keep all my scripts though, hopefully one day I’ll be able to forget all those bad memories lol

i got so tired of looking at mia khalifa and the guy that I almost gave up on that script. Rn im going throught the same thing with the general butch action script. I can only look at coach for so much.

What looks good on the screen, doesn’t always translate to a good script. I quickly found that out in my early days. Sometimes the strokes need to be exaggerated, and even some actions need to be skipped to keep the script fluent. Deciding on where to exaggerate and what to skip is going to be what defines your scripts and methods.

You should always test your strips, but take notes as you’re going.
3:23 - strokes are too short
6:27 - Skip hand strokes, focus on mouth

Make your edits then wait a day or two before retesting.

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Absolutely right!

Yeah, my scripts don’t work on me that well. Just because I know I made mistakes, but was too lazy to fix them. Straight up and down strokes are fine, but the mid-strokes at varying speed are hard to get right. Throwing in multi-axis makes my poor stroke game less noticeable, but I’m starting to think the extra axis aren’t worth my scripting time. The only times roll is is useful is for circular grinding scenes. I use pitch heavily on almost every stroke to get that “scoop” effect. That being said, I’ve tried single axis scripts done so well that they blow my multi-axis stuff out of the water and make me question why I even bother with multi if it can be this good on single.

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Yup. I go into QA mode, which is why they take me more time than I want. A comparison would be cooking for yourself, and having the same meal cooked for you. The same ingredients, but for some reason your own seems more bland. Think I pushed my Lulu Chu script out way too early because I was starting to overthink it.

You’re not alone in this thinking.