Do you want my version of the game integration script?

@to4st Surprisingly, he created three Game Integration Mods

Coincidentally, all three have scripts that I made (Game mod scripts are created by to4st)
Lilith in Nightmare_1
Lilith in Nightmare_2
[SQDT] Succubus Academia! (4version, total 123k action!)
Hide-and-seek after school game gallery! (2 version script, +devided version!)

If you want my version of the script to work, should I trying devide it?
If there’s a lot of people who want it, I’ll split my script

  • I want your version, too
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If I make it, I will divide based on my simple version script
simple version script ex)
I made it with integration in mind, so it will work normally

+i worked Succubus Academia


Yes, but only if it’s an EDI integration.

EDI supports Handy upload, which will be the best for complex script like yours.

FunscriptPlayer currently supports Bluetooth (+experimental USB support for OSR). The action below will be full of stutters if runs on Bluetooth connection.

Also, with EDI you don’t need to devide the script. You just need to make a csv file (a “Gallery”) for your current script, listing the time coverage of each scene. Like this.

I mean, take the script apart
It means that i take it apart and make it this way

I know EDI, it’s still in the test phase
so I have already created a csv file for interaction

but, Those three games already have a program, and There is no EDI program for those 3 games yet
i think It’s a waste not to use that program
As long as i devided script, you can use it right away

My simple script works fine on Bluetooth as well. I made it for Bluetooth
and If i think there’s too much action, i can take a few out during devided

Of course, if there is an EDI, a detail version script will also be available
So when I break down those three scripts, I’m also going to record them on csv

When disassembling a script, i can also know the name, starttime, and endtime, so i can do both
you can think of it as a bonus on the csv file

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Okay I see. Will definitely look towards it!

That’s great and I definitely would like to try them out. However there’s still a concern floating around.

I feel even your simple version can be a bit too much for Bluetooth (or at least, Handy’s current Bluetooth protocol). For example, running the followings script via Bluetooth, a small stutter can be felt on each of the highlighted points:

Personally I’m not too bothered by these. But someone who likes smooth action may prefer simple triangular waves instead. I’ve also heard some devices having problem handling these in-between points: On Script Interpolation / Curved Strokes - #16 by hugecat

The current Bluetooth protocol is too lacking to represent them properly. Hence I’m a little concerned putting your script through Bluetooth will not yield the experience you wanted to provide. But if you think it did the job, then there’s no issues at all.

On the other hand, FunscriptPlayer also support USB connection for OSR/SR6. These should have no problem running the most complicated script. So that’s probably also a reason to give it a shot. GoingSchizo

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Since to4st has already created a triangular wave script, if you make those three scripts into triangular waves, there may be no difference

That’s why I asked if want to add my script that makes a difference

Later, when the Bluetooth protocol is smooth, that script will work without interruption :disappointed_relieved:
I’ll be waiting for that day

p.s It makes me think about putting in a version other than interpolation
thx for your good opinion

At least when I test&use it, all the parts I intended work well, so if many wants it, I’ll make it separately


I would use your version. I spent way too long playing lilith in nightmare tho. 99DM always bringing maximum effort and I appreciate it.

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Thank you for the compliment
i’m honored😄

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I was wondering if you were still planning on doing this at some point? I’d certainly take advantage of it. Tried to do it myself with the Succubus Academia scripts but the video playthrough (at least initially) doesn’t really translate super well to the individual files since it kinda jumps around between scripts/movies a bit depending on what’s happening on screen, so I’m not always certain I’m matching up the scripts correctly. Figured if it was eventually on the radar for you already anyway I’d save myself the trouble.

I have a plan, but I’m thinking about it
Recently, with dimnogro’s EDI, mage kanade was integrated.
EDI can also connect to WIFI, so It can connect to my detail version script

So I’m thinking about making only csv file

If you do the csv file with like a big mega-script file with all the scripts in one (from what I understand this is how it works?), it’d be easy enough for me to do the more tedious part of splitting it up myself into the separate scripts if I needed to. That way it’d be less work for you.

If you can help me, I’ll be so happy

The 3rd script, someone’s already split it😮

I’d be perfectly happy to split up the ones for Succubus Academia and Lilith in Nightmare, whenever you get around to them. Much easier than trying to clumsily puzzle it together from a video where they’re all mashed together due how to the gameplay works, in any case :stuck_out_tongue:

Then, I make csv file?
Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of the scene😓

Full disclosure I’m not entirely certain how EDI and the csv file interact with the game itself (or if it’s different for each game depending on how it works), but I think the scenes/scripts would be named the same as the movie titles.

The extras are just different facial animations, so in this case you’d just need one for E_AlmaElvaEV1-EJ, E_AlmaElvaEV1-Idle, E_AlmaElvaEV1-Rush, etc.

The scripts to4st made for that section above are called:

So I imagine you would be able to just copy that format for the applicable part. If you need, here is a list of all of the names to4st used:

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i worked succubus academia integration script!