Does Anybody Know How to Re Upload a Video on Xvideos? I Accidentally Deleted Mine

It was my first time uploading a video to Xvideos everything was fine got a whole lotta traffic compared to all of my videos that were uploaded to spankbang just in one day but I just wanted to change 2 words in the description. Bad idea. I wasn’t sure if the edited video would go straight back to being online like it does on spankbang or go to some kind of pending review or not so I went ahead and tried it to find out. If I knew it would make the video go straight to a “delayed until reviewed” hold I would’ve just left it alone. Anyway me being impatient after waiting until the next day and still seeing it sitting in delay… and seeing people online saying that videos permanently stay that way on there… I decided to just delete it and would re upload it. On the deletion page all it warned was videos deleted during encoding or copyright checks couldn’t be uploaded again. I figured that’s not my reason so I’m good.

Wish I had read the FAQS page first instead. I just found out today that it turns out all deleted videos can’t be re uploaded. And all I probably had to do was just wait atleast 2 days due to the 1 upload a day rule. But before I found that out I thought I’d try different ways to try and get it back up from changing the title and file name but none of those worked.

Can anybody think of any other way I can maybe get past the “no re uploading” rule after deletion. Like maybe if I go back and totally re create the video again and then go back to xvideos and try and re upload it and give it a different title and file name and maybe that would give it a different encoding the site wouldn’t detect?. Or is it once the deleted video has been encoded when you upload it there’s no way to get past the “no re uploading” rule after deletion?

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