Does anyone know if "VRBangers - Anissa Kate - Uber Hookup" also exists as 180VR or only as the 360 VR Version?

Like is there a 3840x1920 4K Version or only the 360° Degree 3840x3840 60FPS_HEVC Version? I dont have a subscription to VRBangers, maybe someone knows more.

@Husky5383 the screenshots i found everywhere seemed like 360:



Format: MP4
Size:2.64 GB
Video:HVC1 3840x3840 60fps 23639kbps
Audio:AAC 48000Hz stereo 317kbps

@Husky5383 As far as I know VRBangers “re-did” or edited a lot of their “old” 360° scenes from 2016/2017 to 180VR.

Is the “the hobbit” scene also 180° in SLR/VRB website? its another 360 scene from back in the day.

i really hate all the 360 stuff…such a waste of quality.

Yes, both scenes were edited to be 180 instead of 360.


Is it likely that the “newly edited” 180VR versions are much superior in quality to the 360VR version because the original raw source was used for editing? or maybe its really just screen cutted away… or the VR quality will be better anways because the VR headset doesnt have to show more “useless” pixels/resolution…?

The SLR 360 edited version looks better imo. The 4K 180 one from VRBangers looks a tad blurry. I don’t have the original VRBangers 360 version

@bumdude whats the resolution and specs of that slr file? 3840x3840 ?

Uber Hookup at Max quality is 3840x3840.
The Hobbit at Max quality is strangely 3840x1920.

Btw, if you want to know the video statistics of SLR encoded scenes, you can look at it by going to the Photos tab under the video, then click “Full Screenshot List.” Make sure your popup blocker is off.


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thanks @bumdude

i had the 3480x3840 version of “my uber hookup” but its obviously not suited for my Oculus Go…so I was hoping for a great 180 version