Does anyone know of a way to convert side-by-side equirectangular VR video to fisheye or vice versa?

Hey all,

I’ve been making 2D HMVs for awhile now and plan to continue for the foreseeable future, but I’d really like to expand my editing projects to VR as well.

Now that my collection is large enough, I finally feel like I have enough VR videos to be able to make a few different types of VR PMVs. The main issue I can see going forward, however, is that while most of my VR videos are the 180 degree FOV equirectangular (sometimes called barrel) side-by-side format, some of my absolute FAVORITE ones are 180 FOV fisheye side-by-side (sorry if I’m neglecting a better way to describe these lol). I want to be able to have both types of videos in one compilation, which would mean they would all have to be the same format or else some videos would look warped.

Google and Youtube searches have proven ineffective at answering this question, and while I know this site is supposed to be about script discussion, it seemed like a decent place to try asking the question since I know there are VR video editors here and many people here are just more familiar with the specifics of VR video in general. If someone knows of a better place to go ask this question, that information would be appreciated as well.

I apologize in advance if this question is not appropriate for this site. Please let me know and I will remove it immediately

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