Does lovense max 2 has compatibility with most scripts like the handy

wondering if i should get the handy or max 2 and i wanna use it with other scripts vids websites etc etc , also with honey select2dx , basically is it limited to its only games or is it usable with other scripts

The max2 and the handy are VERY different toys. The handy is a stroking machine, where the max2 is basically a vibrating sleeve.

Both are controllable through initface/, but most scripts are designed with stroking machines in mind. The vibrating machines are using the position information in the script to vibrate at various speeds/strengths.

You probably will get more enjoyment from the Handy if you have to choose one or the other.

Any other strokers that work similar to handy ? Also ty

OSR2, but it’s expensive.
Handy is pretty good btw.

The kiroo keon is similar, but most people find the handy to be better.

kirroo is a great toy if your very sensitive if your normal or not so sentive i wouldnt buy it, it had a nice feeling but for me it was too soft. You could also go for Kiiroo keon which is sort of similar too the handy but with worse stats (half the stroke depth double the reaction time and slightly less speed) and you have the vorze piston a good toy but expensive. Handy for factory produced toys is at the moment the best choice. and they now also have multiple sleeves to choose from.