Does someone try Mystim estim or other estim experience ? Searching for feedback

Hey I’m looking for some feedback about estim stuff. I’m looking to the Mystim Pure vibes who looks good for a not to expensive first device. Is it filling really good / good orgasm sensations ?

personnally i can recommend you this one estim is the best “cheap” estim i tried. I think it is a good one to start.

Ok thanks, does it really bring orgasm and good sensations

personally i nerver had a hand free orgasm like some poeple said, but yes i think you gonna discover new sensations.this model have two channels so you can try different combinations, this is why i think is a good one to start.
don’t forget to check on internet how to use it safely :wink:.

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I have a DIY Estim device, that I made on my own with some help from the guides (there are a lot of them on Milovana and Smartstim forums).
It is a VERY different experience. No one can guarantee it will feel good to you, or you will be able to have an orgasm from it.
As for me, it took some time to find the right way to use it, and yes, I can have an orgasm from it. And it is really good, but depends on a video/stim file I use.