Does the handy store information?

Curious does the handy store any information?

just don’t connect it to anything internet wise if ur worried.

Also throw away your smartphone. I swear this devil’s device knows more than it should :sweat_smile:

I guess if Handy is storing any information it’s probably connected to fixing errors and such, if anything.


:joy: no and not that I would assume anything but like when the device breaks and they want it back if anything like identity theft, bank info, could be stored thats all. I don’t know much about electronics as you can tell lol.

An educated guess is that there are probably more information stored by the servers, information used to improve the servers themselves e.g., when the devices are used the most, issues with updates, firmware versions used in connected devices, which sites/apps/hosts connects to the server interfaces used to control a connected Handy etc. The device itself has probably very limited memory to keep costs down so it shouldn’t store much more than settings, firmware and script. There are probably details about all this in the license agreements or privacy policy on the handy website.


Thanks for the peace of mind

…can you hear the screaming?

That’s the sound of Meta employees having to trawl through the thousands of hours of nothing but me masturbating in the most outlandish ways possible.

And NOTHING else…


:joy::joy::joy: lmao

Everything can have hidden track, but in 99% store info for sell you something

I have taken one apart and the chip inside is an esp-32 a general purpose wifi microcontroller, i only has 4MB of memory on it which is only enough for the firmware to run the thing plus a little head room incase they need to add new features it does not record anything. If anything the only place they might record something would be on their web servers but they have not said that they collect any data that way. except when there is some sort of error.

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Really? Interesting. That’s settling to know. I would never assume anything but I’m an over thinker with an imagination like some disgruntled employee on his way out decides to take it upon himself to rob a bunch of people blind. Much appreciated info

Everytime my Quest loses tracking and te camera comes one I wonder how many times Zuck has seen my dick.

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…oh, i assume the cameras are constantly on, snatching images and sending 'em back to Meta HQ all the time, and i love it! One day somebody will leak the usage data they retrieved from the Quest2, i bet you there’s some phenomenal percentage of peeps that really use it for nothing else but porn, and never spend a penny in the app store.

A VR headset is not a games console, it’s a display device, bad mistake to make Zuck…

That wouldn’t surprise me at all. Amazon has had their breaches where employees shared “fun” audio recordings from Alexa among themselves. These recordings were only supposed to be used to improve the services and sharing them for fun internally was clearly a breach of their own end user agreement.

Lolololol I’m dyin :joy::joy:


A valid question! An online connected sex toy, it is absolutely within your right to ask these kinds of questions.

Handy engineer here. The Handy does have local storage on the device itself. The last played script is stored. There is also the possibility of cache scripts there. But the actual script name is not stored. The name of the script is the SHA256 of the content. So “dirty milf.csv” (random example) becomes “bf9a70c3f25376da49f1a6e541f7d5d1f088f471db4d3273062c70914555c4c7”. Total useless information and you would need open the device and have excellent electrical engineering + FW skills to retrieve the file.

In general, if you are online you are exposed to all kinds of tracking. My tip is to think of what the business you are giving data to would do with the data. Take us for an example. Do you think its worth the risk for us to store your usage in plain text? Think of the GDPR fines we would have to pay if hacked. And why do we need to know that you are watching “dirty milf”? The data has ~zero value to us. So, storing more data only gives us more headaches and no reward.

I will write some blogs on data and privacy this year and push them to our website


That’s engineer thinking, not business thinking.
The value of that would be to go to the maker of the “dirty milf” video and show that your users are watching and using that video to generate further content. It would be a lucrative partnership if they integrate your API and generate scripts to draw more customers to both your enterprises. Which is something your employer already does (there’s a new advertisement on the home page right now), but probably without directly pulling that data and presenting it to potential partners.

Yes, you are right. I am an engineer, but I do think I have some business sense as well :wink:

I wrote ~zero, not zero. I think the video partners would pay so little for the data that it is practically worthless.

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Thank you so very much sir for your response. Company has outstanding customer service.

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It’s not about paying each other, it’s about driving customers to each other which is far more valuable than sending money between businesses.