Does The Handy sync up well with videos here?

So, I’ve been thinking of getting the Handy since it seems to work the best with syncing to videos here. I am very new to scripts.

I have the Keon, however, when I use buttplug desktop and script-player and use a script, the Keon seems to not go smoothly at all, I have seen multiple people running into this problem, with it not following the beat of things at all, and just basically lags and makes it uncomfy

So that is why I wanted to ask if the Handy was actually smoother, and would play scripts better than the Keon, and actually follows the script without much problem. Like follows the beat of the video and such

I hope what I was trying to say made sense
In short, I am curious if the handy is better at following scripts than Keon, and if I should get the Handy

Tips of what programs is good for the handy to play the scripts and vids here would be appreciated too ^•^

Yeah the Handy syncs up great. I believe it’s faster than those toys. It seems like the most common toy among users here.

If you also have VR, Heresphere is a great app. There’s also apps for non-VR but I’m not as knowledgeable about what to recommend.

Ah I see, thank you lots! Would you say that the Handy would work a lot better then the Keon then? Since whenever I use ny Keon with these stuff to sync things. It starts freaking out like it can’t keep up the pace at all.
And what things to use would you recumend for the Handy? Like what apps or tools should I get that allows me to sync the handy with videos? Or at least properly sync them, instead of it being super unsmooth. It might also just be that the Keon is just not smooth at all in general

I use scriptplayer for 2d and vr. Works great! Openfunscripter i use for making/editing scripts.
Both have links here:

Follow the instructions and you should be fine!

Thank you so much!! But do you know why the Keon is a bit laggy? Or isn’t able to properly follow up on the scripts? Is it cause it’s too slow? And is the handy better for the scripts here?

Most of the scripts here are made for Handy.
Especially the ‘Hardcore’ style scripts works really great with Handy.

I received some messages saying that my scripts were too fast or complex that cannot be played on other devices.

Handy can just handle complex scripts better than others. I think that explains why you should get one?

There are seveal aspects here. Devices have a max speed and if the script moves from 0-100% in too short time then the stoke length will be reduced since the max speed can’t be exceeded (device firmware usually takes care of that automatically). This usually don’t cause stutter though. Keon use bluetooth for communication and that standard has limits regarding how many and how frequent commands can be sent to the device in a limited amount of time. TheHandy download the entire script via wifi connection when the video starts which circumvents bluetooth limitations. TheHandy can be used with bluetooth too but users here have mentioned similar issues as described for the Keon.

I haven’t used a Keon but everyone I’ve heard from who has both the Keon and Handy says the Handy is way better.

As far as apps go- when you first get your Handy you can always try their own video player to start with, which has a really easy learning curve Local Video - HandyFeeling

You’ll probably want to eventually learn how to use a more full featured app like ScriptPlayer, which has a bit more of a learning curve at first but has more convenient features for a better experience.

You’ll also want to get some water based lube. I’d highly recommend GUN OIL® H2O - GUN OIL®

I like to warm my sleeve up in a jar of warm water (about 170F). I’ve melted Handy sleeves by putting them in water that was too hot so I use a thermometer to make sure it’s a safe temp now. It might not hurt to order an extra sleeve as a backup. They do wear out over time.

There’s other things down the road you can toy with like a hands-free mount, Handy strap modification, using different sleeves, a VR headset, etc… but to get started you’ll be fine with just the Handy and some lube.

Ordinary tap water should be safe unless you have an insane water heater. 170F (77C) is way above what any water tap should have as max temperature. In my country building standards states max 149F / 65C. 170+F from the tap can cause heat related damages to the skin.

That explains it perfectly! Thank you lots! I tried out one of your scripts yesterday with the Keon, the buckethead animations video (love buckethead). And my Keon just couldn’t follow the battern, it was like it stopped up here and there, like it didn’t know how to keep up

So my guess is that the Keon is simply too slow for the scripts here to work smoothly? And that the handy would work a lot better

But one more question, what apps and stuff do you prefer for playing scripts for the handy?

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Aahhh I see, how do I download scripts to the handy with WIFI though? Is there an app I need where I put the script in and it downloads it? Does it work like ScriptPlayer?

I use the internet connection method (ex.

Since it downloads the whole script first and then plays it, it never lags.

Aahhh I see, cause I really want it to go smoothly without stuttering like my Keon does, since the Keon is probably too slow to follow up on strokes. But Thank you!!

And also thank you for those tips! I already have nice alright lube for now, but if I need more, I’ll def check that out, again, thank you :smiley:

That sounds like a good idea. So it has its own kind of script player then? I download the sctipt, put it in for it to download and it will also play the vid?

Again thank you though! I’m more than convinced to buy a handy now, just new here and wanting to find out where and how to play scripts without the stutter

Edit: never mind, I looked further into it! That site looks perfect for the handy honestly, probably works better than scriptplayer too, thank you! I’ll def try that when I get my handy

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Yeah, I have one of those hot water dispensers for instant hot water but it was set way too hot so that’s how I melted my first sleeve. My regular tap water isn’t quite hot enough after the cold jar and sleeve absorb the heat, then two pumps of cold lube, then sitting on my desk while I get set up, etc… the sleeve is back to below skin temp. If OP finds the same thing and attempt to heat up the water above tap, at least they know not to exceed 170F.

I’m kind of new to this too. I bought a handy for myself- I typically buy sex toys for my wife but she was going out of town and I always pack her something fun and she asked this last trip, “did you get something for you?” So I decided, what the hell? I bought myself my very first ‘real’ sex toy… We have essentially a dungeon, two fucking machines, sex furniture, and enough leather bondage gear and straightjackets to supply a Republican convention but the most exciting thing “for me” is a strap on, some CBT stuff, and maybe a wand sleeve so I went for it.

I have the version 2 sleeve that comes with it, the “lips” sleeve, and the open “hand” sleeve. I recommend buying an open sleeve if you’re longer than average. The lips sleeve feels awesome but it’s a tight fit and I bottom out so any deeper motions don’t work and can even be painful (and possibly dangerous). No issues with the open top version. You can also bring your own sleeve so long as it isn’t too heavy. On my list at some point to try (look on eBay).

The Funscript thing is awesome and some of these scripters are amazing. They really get the movements down and paired with VR, it’s incredibly immersive and a lot of fun. It can go very very fast but honestly I’ve only done “human” funscripts so I have never experienced it anywhere near top speeds. I’ve recently downloaded some fast scripts including PMV’s that I’m excited to try at some point.

Mine came with broken software. It took me 2 hours of troubleshooting to figure out I needed to rollback the firmware then reinstall it for it to connect. The Wi-Fi connection is strong and reliable and I think I’ve only had one glitch where it just disconnected.

Since then, I’ve used it a few times and sadly one time the handy web server was down and it was super frustrating. I don’t use it often so I can’t speak to uptime day-in/out.

I use Pigasus to watch movies. It’s got good basic settings, it’s easy to use, it allows for DLNA, SMB, and local playing and loads funscripts reliably.

Mounting (because what’s the point if it isn’t hands free?) took me some time. A clamp on cup holder works well enough but using the RAM mount modular clamps and arms is the BEST I have found. You need the type C for anything more than two joints or it will slip. The type B is ok for smaller applications. It will cost around $100 for type C and $50 for type B depending on how complicated you get. I used a sport water bottle holder that bolts on to bike frames (I bolted it to a Ram Mount Ball) to hold the handy coupled with some adhesive backed non-slip furniture pads. They (RAM) also make a universal mount that uses essentially a hoseclamp that works too but it’s a PITA to take it on and off.

My only real complaint, aside from the software hiccup, is the noise level. Even with headphones in, it’s still loud and takes away from the immersion. I’m going to see how the PMV’s work as those probably drown out more noise.

Honestly, we have a $500+ fucking machine and vibrators that are upwards of $300 that are not as well engineered or solid as this.

It has some issues with mounting- and if you look on Reddit you’ll even see the Handy staff asking and searching for ideas too.

Damn, I’ve always wanted to try a vibrator sleeve, sounds and looks amazing, happy you and your wife can have lots of fun ^•^

And thank you for the tips!! My local sex store sells it, so I’ll probably go buy it there, since it’s also for sale, unless it might still be best to buy it from their original web…? Well, we’ll see! Again thank you! I’m more than convinced to buy this

The hitachi rechargeable is a proven winner and the undisputed champion in our house for quick orgasms for my wife. Unfortunately the controllability of the speeds isn’t so great. It’s settings are orgasm, going for a second orgasm, and orbital sander. The controls suck. As a guy, speed 1 is probably plenty for 99% of us.

The plug-in hitachi is better (and lighter for mounting) when coupled with a lamp dimmer. We also have an IR remote dimmer for it too.

The penis sleeve we have is neat but honestly (for me) it’s a very very very quick orgasm. That’s not a bad thing necessarily, but if you’re looking to do some solo play for a little while, it isn’t the best.

I don’t typically buy local because of the markup on items. I can pay 10% to support businesses but when they started charging $300 for a $20 eBay pleather piece of gear, I stopped going. So be wary of that.

Make sure you get the version 2 and I honestly
Think budgeting and picking up 1-2 extra sleeves is a good idea (although honestly I’m going to try an eBay sleeve next).

Ignore the reviews for the sleeves too about sizing and comfort. Penises are all so different the reviews are a crapshoot.

I got the handy yesterday, and tried it on one of your vids earlier today, that buckethead animation video. And Yep, the handy works so much better, ir syncs so perfectly. So thank you so much! ^•^


I am glad that you enjoyed my script!

There are plenty of them. So feel free to use them!

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