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ScriptPlayer 1.1.0 - New Release (18.01.2020)

Reposted here with permission from Liquid/FredTungsten
Use this app to sync scripts with videos and connect with your toys

I guess this was long overdue - the new ScriptPlayer version 1.1.0
(And of course it comes with a new script bundle)


This might be my favourite addition. ScriptPlayer now shows Pornhub-like previews of videos and thumbnails of the current video when you hover the bar at the bottom (where the heatmap is), the next / previous buttons or a playlist-entry.

  • generate and show preview GIFs for next/previous video and in playlist
  • generate and show video thumbnails when hovering the seek bar
  • generate and show heatmap for next/previous video and in playlist
  • generate thumbnail banners

Minimalistic Setup Instructions:

  • Download and install FFMPEG as described in the settings-dialog.
  • Add videos to the playlist
  • Click “generate all” in the menu.
  • Wait for FFMPEG to finish

Buttplug / Intiface
Updated Buttgplug/Intiface Client (new Version / UI v16)
Automated some steps you need when using Buttplug

  • Auto-Start Buttplug
  • Auto-Connect Buttplug
  • Auto search for devices
  • Auto show device manager

Added chapter-modes
If you don’t want to watch an entire video but short sections of many videos, there are now plenty of options to do that:

  • Fastest chapter
  • Fastest chapter (limited duration)
  • Random chapter
  • Random chapter (limited duration)
  • Fastest section
  • Random section

New Logic to ensure single instance
(and pass on arguments like video file names)
In case someone is using ScriptPlayer as the default program for certain file types.

Search for text in settings
Just what it says: If you know the name of the settings but not where it is hidden, just type it into the search bar.

Multiple Conversion Modes for vibrators
I don’t know if anyone is even using ScriptPlayer with a vibrator, but I felt like this was needed:

  • Position = Speed
  • Speed = Speed
  • Speed = Speed but only half the duration

Added more options on how to display elapsed/total time of loaded media
Basically controls what you would consider the “duration” of the video:

  • Media Progress
  • Content and Gaps
  • Content only

Format preference
Prefer .txt over .funscript or .mp4 over .webm but you have both for the same video?

  • specify a priority for different file formats (when multiple are available)

Keyboard mappings are now editable
(not all options available yet, but it’s steadily growing)

Support for sub-directories in the Paths option

KODI support

Auto-Homing (Move to 0 when pausing) 100% User-contribution - thanks again

Remember Window Position option

Fallback Scripts can now be picked randomly
(if you specify a directory instead of a file)

  • With gaps removed
  • And looped to the full duration of the video

Slight improvements to Soft-Seek

Range Extender
When you have a great script but the range is lacking, this setting will stretch the up/down movement.

"Reload Script" Button (for debugging scripts)

Improved Script Positions Preview (Colored)

Many more Playlist-Options

  • Add folder
  • Show Duration
  • Check if script exists
  • Previews (see FFMPEG)
  • Multi-Select
  • Move Top/Bottom
  • Sort (Filename, Path, Duration or Shuffle)
  • Search field
  • Random Playback mode is now slightly less random to ensure the same video won’t be played again too soon

Simple Script-Editing commands
(Shift, Trim, Save)

Attributions Dialog

Support for Legacy-Automation Software
(via WndProc / SendKeys)

OSD Messages for Zoom-Player

Fixed an issue with the timestamp-server in newer versions

Playlist in Main Window
Playlist is now also in the main window - like the settings panel, just on the left.

Fuzzy Name Matching
If your video player shows “Video Name (2019)” instead of “Video Name.mp4” and SP can’t find a script with that name - that can now be fixed with some regex magic in the settings (Players/Fuzzy Name Matching)

Video Crop
Lets you select the section of the video you want to show (e.g. to crop out the beatbar of a CH/FH video)

Check out ScriptPlayer on GitHub:
Player, Scripts, request features or report bugs, download the latest release or the latest beta version


There is a tips topis for JFS on RTS but I can’t find it again. Someone have the link ?

There’s some tips scattered around this thread. Of note, there’s mouse scripting tips on page 35 and some other useful tips on page 41.

@xrobin seems like a good opportunity to condense/summarize all that knowledge into one post to help new scripters. Would you be willing to take a stab at that?

I’m a bit hesitant because when other people reposted the same things in RTS for discoverability, it bothered some people including the original authors of those tutorials/tips, who are members here as well. I just don’t want to step on any toes or be unintentionally disrespectful. Also, I’ve never scripted before so I might not make the best tutorial editor. I think a singular comprehensive JFS guide is an awesome idea though.

Well, my issue on RTS was that it was reposted without any credit given to the original authors. And the thread creator tried to pass it off as if he wrote it himself when it was word-for-word plagiarism.

If you do decide to include past guides, then it would be respectful to the authors to give credit. Much like how @hugecat gave credit to Liquid :slightly_smiling_face:

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how do you connect this to thehandy?

It seems that the pre-release of ScriptPlayer 1.1.1 added Handy support.
ScriptPlayer 1.1.0 cannot be used.
You can download 1.1.1 here (expand the little text named Assets at the end of the 1.1.1 post):

Check the following two threads for more info where others had issues connecting The Handy to ScriptPlayer.

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When will it support OSR2?