Donating to EroScripts?

The last couple of months I noticed every now and then that there was a message popping up saying that the website is overloaded at the moment. I was wondering if this could be fixed by upgrading the web host package or server package? If so, I think a lot of us would be willing to donate to make this happen.

If this is not the case and these were temporary hick-ups then still it might be nice to have a donate button so people could leave a little tip.


What hardware is needed to host a site i mean like having private physical server not rented one

At a bare minimum you would need at least 1 server to host the app/databases, perhaps additional servers for storage and back up. To do it right you need a standalone firewall and intrusion detection system, a network switch with a router and appropriate bandwidth connectivity to an ISP. You should have beefy UPSs fed by separate power sources oh and you need to keep things cool so industrial air handlers. Now double all that if you want to provide redundancy for outages due to hardware or software issues. You can get by with a lot less but you are running a high chance of downtime when (not if) one or more of these things are missing or fail. Unless it is being done as a hobby it is not cost effective to host a site on your own.

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Soo if someone from rhis comminity will build a house dont forget to add cooled server room to your house because i dont know where elswere could you fit soo much stuff

haha, nowadays, you just outsource that to companies with datacenters like Amazon or DigitalOcean.

traffic has 2.5x’d over the last year (and turning on thumbnails might also be causing some slowdown?), so need to keep upgrading the server every now and then.

I’m considering taking donations to help pay server costs, but we’ll see =^)

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…no, seriously, take my money.

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welp the extreme load is becoming very apparent and I would def donate to the site. Is opening a Patreon or scribstar an option? or a business Paypal? does anyone know of another way that sites usually take donations? @hugecat

I echo this. I would like to also investigate if killing chat, thumbnails, etc. would help with load. But either way, definitely willing to donate to a Patreon, gumroad, venmo, whatever non-crypto.

What about a “BackMe” page: isn’t that something that is easy to set-up without doxing?

I just saw you get your Domain from NameCheap, they have options too with upgrades if it continues to get bigger.

I’d hate for thumbnails to be removed as it helps a bunch with unfamiliar names when browsing. Would a toggle help?

Disable it by default and let users decide if they want to enable it via a toggle? That sounds like a good solution.

Or enable it for donators? A donation perk for when you donate $1 a month?


Sure I’d pay for that

Just to let you guys know (and anyone who will end up here in the future) you can donate here:


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