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Don't update Deovr on quest! No longer free to use Handy on your own scripts. Help?

I just updated Deovr on my Quest and tried to link my Handy and got the message I need SLR Premium to connect handy EVEN FOR MY LOCAL FILES! Not theirs.

This really sucks because I can’t afford it. Finances are really low atm.

Anyone know of any other ways to use the Quest and sync the Handy to play scripts?

Any assistance is much Appreciated:)


I dont have the link right now but there is a way for you to go backwards and uninstall the update im pretty sure.

Maybe im crazy but i think i read that somewhere


omg that would be perfect! You thinkk you can find it? I’ll start looking too

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From what I’ve heard, you would need to freeze/block updates to the Oculus itself, which is less than ideal. The problem being, it will just autoupdate if you roll it back. Regardless, found this link but I have not tested it yet:
where i can download older version of DeoVR ? :: DeoVR Video Player General Discussions (

Wow they really are going all in on controlling the ecosystem. Here’s hoping Heresphere offers an alternative.

EDIT:> Better link in this thread: DeoVR dropping DLNA - alternatives? - Help - EroScripts

I guess older DeoVR versions are going to be discontinued at some point

Mine doesnt autoupdate. He asks me everytime i log on if i want to update deovr and i just simply say no.

Yup, with SideQuest it hopefully shouldn’t as it gets flagged as an unknown source.

Just to be clear, even if you bought scripts from SLR, you can no longer play them locally in DeoVR if you don’t have an active SLR subscription? Or is this just about DLNA being removed?

Just dlna i guess. Everyone with a single purchased script gives you unlimited haptics connect

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Ok guys, I think i found the solution for local play !
My problem was: the handy icon not availalble anymore on deovr playback menu

what I did to test things:

created a deovr account, logged in with the quest2
(I have an account on SLR but no premium at the moment)
Went to the slr page (inside deovr app), logged into slr
then make sure you have the handy icon and setup correctly (added the haptics connect option just in case)

went back to local folder, and then boom, the handy icon in deovr reappeared and I could play my local files as before.

ps: not sure if the deovr account was key, maybe just needed to reconnect the slr site within deovr app

Hope that helps some people in the same case here :+1:

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Yeah you just needed to reconnect it to SLR.

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Got the same problem over here DON’T DOWNLOAD THE UPDATE !!!
it’s really crappy of DEOVR to remove the DLNA server list and SLR can’t connect to handy anymore i refuse to buy premium because it’s overpriced for a bit of VR Porn.
now i need to play scripts with Script player locally and see the VR on a different player quite messed up considering i just upgraded to buy myself a Oculus Quest 2 … if known i would spend the 350€ on something else …


DeoVR continue their death spiral.


So is there any other players that will work with vr and the handy scripts ? I have htc vive.

Yet seeing their record user numbers every single month.

You guys get wrong sense of things projecting your unsustainable beliefs.

Yes. They disabled the ability to sync the Handy with scripts. And you don’t need just an account with slr, you need a premium account to use scripts even when played locally.

Do you have a premium subscription on slr?

Same, grossly overpriced. I believe you can roll back the update tho. Not sure how long that will work but it could help.

No I don’t have a premium !

try to reconnect to slr (log in) in the deovr app,
also enable the new haptic connect button just in case,

tell me if it gets the job done
if it doesn’t, i just added one more step like creating a deovr free account,
thats it.

I am able to play local like before,

I also thought they killed deovr by reading many comments, but I don’t think they did

no problem here imo :+1:

edit: I think you need to have bought at least one funscript file with the slr account used with deovr.
It will enable playing all other scripts locally you may have with the deovr player.
not sure, maybe ask doublevr to clarify here

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Thanks, yea I tried the log in method but I still kept getting the same message when going to settings and trying to connect the handy.

But maybe it didn’t work because I hadn’t bought a script before?

Not sure. Ended up having to roll back the update. Hope that solution lasts because sadly I can’t afford premium. If anything I would have to try and get one script and see if it unlocks something but it may be one of those “too late” scenarios. :frowning: