Download any movie on pay sites (only tried it on adultempire)

I just found this out today and figured I should share it with the community.

  1. An account with adultempire
  2. Claiming those free 15-minute streaming points when you make an account
  3. Video DownloadHelper extension on chrome

Basically, you just have to log in and click a movie you wanna watch. The option to stream with ur free 15 minutes will be there. Click the option but don’t play the movie or else ur 15 minutes go away. then use the downloader and it will bring up the movie in its entirety to download (Quality will vary depending on what is actually being offered). And then just download away. I’m going crazy and gathering up material for an elegant angel pvm of their workout series which I will then script.


What does it cost?

What I’ve been doing is buying a subscription to a site like Filejoker or Keep2Share and then using forums like Forumophilia where people post links to scenes and whatnot.

You should use streamfab

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same brotha

It cost nothing actually. They give your the free 15 minutes upon sign up.

Thanks for the tip! Too bad there’s no way to use those minutes for vr videos unless I’m missing something.

actually havent even tried that who know it could work

I remember there was something similar on a JAV site a few years ago I forgot which it was… it was the same deal though, you got like 30 mins free or something but you can just use a downloader to grab the video…

edit: that page was Again, it was years ago that I used this so i don’t know if it still works. and i didn’t use a browser extension, I used a program, but i remember a few worked, so likely a browser will work too… YMMV

It doesn’t. The minutes can only be used for “on demand” videos and the vr videos are only for purchase.

Can you get this software for free?

I’ve done this but I keep getting playback/stuttering issues when I get the final file. Might only work on smaller ones?

Check the video encoding. This happened to me when downloading videos with They were encoded using h265 and I had to re-encode it with h264 to get smooth playback.

so what I found out is that I could play this on my local video player no problem but when I tried to edit them on adobe, I found out that they were encoded in a way to prevent any editing. This might be something you are encountering.

you can but it let you download only 3 videos for free i found a way to bypass this by instalinm oracle virtual box and instaling on it windows 10 after you download 3 videos delete virtual machine and install next one and you can download another 3 videos