Downloading from Senseporn

Is there some way/trick to download both the video and script from the paid site Senseporn. I have an active subscription but i’d like to have the files offline

Any method?

If the site don’t provide downloading, I will guess your request is some kind of piracy. This thread should be closed.

Have u a link to this Senseporn porn?

But you need to pay to access it

Pay for access is different from pay for ownership, if they don’t provide a download option then there isn’t much you can do. If you are tech savvy you might be able to grab your auth token(s) from a request and run a curl command on their API to download the files for you. If you don’t know what that means you are probably out of luck.

Wow thanks looks good, what are the scripts like compared to here?

I don’t really like the scripts, its almost as if they only go 0% or 100% stroke length, the only thing that is good is the timing, but the lack of “precision” is kind of a dealbreaker. So i won’t bother trying to find a way to download them.

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