Downloading script from paid sites?

I was wondering if there is a way to save/download script that you gain access to when you pay for access. I’m thinking stuff like Naughy America, Adulttime and so on.
My logic is i paid for the script and i’m able to download the videos so why not the script? They already support the handy btw

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It’d be helpful if you link what paid site you’re talking about it in this example.
IVDB though sends the scripts directly to the handy, but I’m not sure if it’s possible to have the handy send the script back to your computer. From ivdb even if you download the script, it’s basically empty and just connects to the server to download the correct script upon using it in something like ScriptPlayer.

There is one method of “bootlegging” the script, if you’re creative and really want the script that badly.

I figured people could use google to find the sites i listed by name.

Bootleggin? what way would that be?

Well, in the old days, people would rent VHS tapes and make copies of them by playing them and recording them a second VHS player. People would do the same by recording live TV onto a VHS tape. People would record songs off the radio onto a cassette tape.

When it came to digital video, people started taking camcorders into movie theaters, video taping movies onto DVDs and making copies to distribute. Later on they figured out how to do stuff like Telesync with a tripod to make it a much better.

So, basically, you simply need a way to “record the output” from the handy from a premium script, and then use that to create a script out of it.

I’ll leave it at that for now, but a hint is that you need some software.

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Adult time is possible(just look at network traffic it’s pretty simple imo), naughty not so much since they do server side validation when streaming.

From what I’ve heard about Naughty America is back in the day you were able to download the scripts and videos. But it seems at some point between then and now this feature was removed for whatever reason, you can now only download the videos. I have an active subscription to NA I can double check to see if you can download the scripts. I do agree with ya that if you pay for their service you should be able to download scripts since they already let you download the vids.

So to give you a run down by studio.

Naughty America: requires a sub to them and a seperate scripts sub. You can then stream or download handy only “scripts”. The file you get is basically a key that links to the handy server which then streams the script back to the device. Now officially you need to maintain a sub for the scripts as there terms and conditions claim thay expire after three months but I tested 6 months after stopping and they were still working. You can use them with a downloaded video no problem but you require internet access.

POVR/ Wankz: Scripts are free with the sub , Scripts can be used for multiple devices. Cant download although they keep saying you will be able to but have been saying it coming in two weeks since May so believe that when you see it.

Badoink / VRCosplayX: Scripts free with the sub. can be downloaded without a limit and are in funscript format. Quality is just above AI generated from the ones I tested.

SLR: requires site sub and scripts sub. Scripts are in funscript form. Download limit to 3 handcrafted per month 10 AI sripts per month. unlimited streaming.

Im regards to bootlegging. I’m assuming hes talking about using a smartphone, a small piece of paper with a cross on it and then motion tracking the resulting video. Would say this works, is easy to do but takes at least double the amount of time of the videos run length.

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Interactive VR Porn: Sex Toy Scripts & Haptic is the best quality out there and it works with smartphones so you don’t need a headset any more

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