Downloading scripts from AdultTime

Adult time has a lot of videos that are scripted but no way to download them. I saw someone mention that you can look at network traffic but I havent seen anything that explains how to do that correctly.

Any ideas?

I’ve also looked into it, but so far i’ve found no way to do it. They also write on their support page that they are not presently going to add downloading scripts…

maybe if you find in the html page source.
Did you try with jdownloader ?
I don’t have an acces to adult time unfortunatly, but I think you can find it in the source code

Ive tried Jdownloader but that only grabs the video file. As far as i can tell, they have some sort of API with Handy that uses thee connection key of your device and then they send the script through that. It looks like they use a .csv file but I havent been able to find anything in the page source. Granted I am not very gifted with this type of stuff so maybe I missed something

I could see the source page if you copy past the source code and sending it to me my PM, but I can’t guarantee to find the solution =)