Downloading scripts from WankzVR

I’m wondering how people download the meta scripts directly from WankzVR’s interactive videos? I can’t seem to find a post explaining how to do it.

Here’s a discussion on the old site on how to do just that. If you look on RTS, i’m sure you’ll find those scripts somewhere but to be honest none of them are particularly good. Not compared to the work you’ll find on this site

You can download almost any .meta scripts from wankz here or on old RTS Forum. As there are no new .meta scripts since over a year now this should be the easiest way to deal with the topic. if you are lacking a particular one, just ask the community, i am sure somebody has it still on disc…

Who uses discs?! :joy: I’m just playing, it made me chuckle though.

There was one member here that shared a script that would allow you to get the script from like pornhub, xvideos, etc. ( think WankzVR was on that list), but the tampermonkey javascript was obfuscated and so very suspicious and I believe it was removed from the forums because of that. It did work though, just may have had some more evil intent behind the working script :frowning: Hackers is why we can’t have nice things.

so your pc has NO harddisc ? :yum: :yum: :yum: :yum:

Okayyyyy I thought you were referring to like actual CD Roms or something LOL. And technically I could be running on just an SSD, which if we want to get nerdy here, isn’t a disk :nerd: But I do have a TB HDD for storage, smaller SSD for windows, and external SSD for EroScripts :joy:

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