Dropped my external hard drive

Heya all,

 So I dropped a hard drive and it broke, crashed the heads into the platters..... I have contacted a data recovery service and Im a bit hesitant to use it, anyone have experience with that type of stuff? Ive been trying to find some of my more favorite scripts in the mean time and get my collection back up. I cant seem to find "Free Use Slut Welcomes You to the Neighborhood" it was Bettie Bondage slurping a dildo in POV fashion while she talks dirty about how you can use her anytime you want. Thanks in advance

Tough luck. Well, your content might be too vanilla for them. I think they’ve seen way more embarrassing stuff and they’re really used to it. :wink:


Are you talking about this video here?

Yes and actually someone PM’d me the script, Thanks again!

Good, otherwise I would have sent it to you :+1:

@dollshotz or @WhereIsMyCock any chance you could share the script via PM with me?

Could i get the script too?

Can I also have the script please?

Could I get that script?

Next purchase:

Could I also get this script please?

Could i get the script too?