Drugs? Scripts

Hi guys, I wanna know which script is the best one while having a drugged night at home!?

Thanks in sdvance,

…lol, what a prompt!

The obvious answer is, the one that does it for you best. Getting shitfaced and having sex with your favourite entity is always a win.

Then there’s the more nuanced answers, and that’s where you’re gonna have to do the leg work. We’re all biology, and as such we all massively different in ways we can hardly grasp. If you’re looking for a good rabbit hole to head down, i’d suggest searching under ‘hypno’, that’s basically drugs in porno format.

Or maybe you’re looking for something slower, that’s a minefield of a question as well, but there’s a good thread here about it:

My personal recommendation is this one:


If you’re not on VR yet, then that video alone is worth the ticket price on a Quest 2 imo. It’s true through the looking glass shit, you’ll never look at a VR headset again in quite the same way after…


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drugs are bad mkaaaay!

sorry had to take the opportunity to pull out mr mackey :smiley:


Ohh sweet answer!! Thanks bud!

I came across SuperMassiveFilms a while back. Seems exactly what you’re after. I haven’t checked any of his stuff yet but it seems like quite some effort has gone into it. His video’s are ~2 to 5 hours each.

:film_projector: One of his videos has scripts attached (link) :film_projector:

I’ve combed through the Reddit and Milovana posts a few times. For the life of me I do not see the script you are mentioning and Eroscripts currently has none. Where exactly did you see a script for “Flesh?”

My mistake, copy pasted the wrong link and just rectified that error. “Melt” has the scripts. Try the link again, you will find a zipfile in the mega folder.

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Got it, thank you.

https://discuss.eroscripts.com/t/noodledude-pmv-ultimate-tiktok-pmv/49856 i recommend this one, and alot of HMV videos.