Slow VR script recommendations please

hey it seems like pretty much every VR video and script is fast. Besides vredging hard time finding any slow VR content and scripts. Please recommend


I am listen too, I am interested. I agree with VREdging.

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NaughtyAmericaVR - PSE - Blake Blossom - Scripts / Free Scripts - EroScripts

Was fairly chill iirc


Melody Marks - Making it up to you. Starts slow and speeds up. The beginning is actually relaxing.

Making it Up to You - Amazing Busty Teen in Ultra High Definition VR (

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VrEdging is gold


I’m also on the lookout for slower-paced VR videos. It’s hard to find.

I’m a bit jealous of the amount of great slower-paced 2D video available. I wished I was able to ‘immerse’ myself with 2D videos but, unfortunately, I just don’t.

In my own scripts collection, I would say those videos have a slower pace, or a long ‘buildup’:

VRCosplayX - Valentina Nappi - The Matrix: Persephone
3DSVR-0628 - Sarina Kurokawa - Magic Mirror Couple’s Room Cuckold Massage [JAV]
SIVR-00108 - Aika Yumeno - Rub Down [JAV] (part C)

My next script “Foot Tease”, which should be available soon, also has a slower pace (in the first 15 minutes).


Agree there are a ton of fast paced scripts but I am curious is everyone chiming in because it is too stimulating that it is uncomfortable or is because you can not last long at that pace?

Swallowbay scenes IMO are on the slower side but they are BJ only if I recall correctly.

FYI there is a certain plant based vitamin (Rhymes with deed) that absolutely changed the VR game for me. Makes me feel like im in the scene and allows me to last a full VR scene with no problem. I have never felt more into VR before trying it with a vitamin at its peak effect. Give it a try and you will not regret it but this is only if it is legal in your country/state.

In my opinion, these is a slower paced script, except the really fast handjob at the end:

Gina Gerson - Sexual Tension - SexBabesVR

There is a lot of teasing and slow action in these scene.

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These are pretty slow.

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Curious if we there’s a formula to come up with slow to fast ranking for sexlikereal scripts


This is one of my favorite scenes: RealJamCasting: Blake Blossom - Blonde Pornstar Blowjob and Fuck

thanks guys these are great :slight_smile: keep em coming!

Most of CzechVR network (especially Casting) is with slow scenes, no ?

from what i seen lot czech not particularly slow,
tested all the recommendations here, love em :slight_smile:

a new discovery of a rather slower script:


The fact this scene:

Hasn’t been posted in a topic about slow scenes, makes me think you are all nothing but a bunch of scallywags trying to lead the OP astray, it is both crazy slow, and easily one of the best scenes around.
For those that haven’t seen it, you are very welcome.

Honestly, it is hard to make some recommendations here, despite me having quite a few because how slow is slow, also on a personal level a slow scene isn’t just about the script, but also about the scene itself, a slow script can feel a lot more aggressive depending on the scene itself, and vice versa, like @getahek911 recommendation of the Klhoe Kapri scene would definitely be on a list of mine, however it also gets quite a bit more agressive towards the end.

That being said, I will go for some of the slower ones I know (if you can only see 1 scene the VRBangers Open Borders, is most definitely the one):

Hazel Moore because seriously how is she not in here:

Czechvr scenes still scripted by @Realcumber I believe, and I would say reasonably slow:

Here for You 332 - Czech VR Network (Very aggressive middle, so might not qualify, but it is an insanely hot section of standing doggy, and the rest is quite slow, she really milks it)
Naughty maids will clean you too! 123 - Czech VR Network (this was very early days, so perhaps some movements might be too short for some people liking, but hot scene and slow script)

Free Scripts:

Paid scripts

Some czechvr scenes post @Realcumber (although personally think these are all good regardless):
Pink Lingerie 461 - Czech VR Network (very slow scene, very intimate, insanely hot girl, also you know anal)
Birthday Gift 456 - Czech VR Network (Some very very short fast movement sections at the start, but pretty slow, and she reminded me so much of Sierra Nicole wankzvr scene I just had to include her here).
GF Swap: Cute Lilly 447 - Czech VR Network (Some agressive moments, but still plenty of slowness, and Lilly is absolutely adorable)
Oily 420 - Czech VR Network (All around quite slow, with some reasonably small fast segments)

This one is quite slow, but it is the first script of the new czechvr scripter, and it is a departure of the more realistic style, but I still enjoyed it quite a bit, even if it’s clear the scripter wasn’t as experienced.

So! Many! Orgasms! 418 - Czech VR Network (this one is also one of the earlier new scripter scenes I think, can be pretty intimate the scene, but think the script is like the previous scene, where it’s a different style)

Honestly, have a fair bit more scenes I would consider slow, but don’t want to fill the topic with things where the slowness might be quite a bit more relative.


hey man thanks so much for all the recommendations! looking forward to trying , those should keep me busy for a bit :slight_smile:

you say not sure what i meant by slowness, been searching for without much luck VR videos/scripts with very slow strokes, something like these:

which been hard to find outside of some vredging vids and some recommendations here so far. with most VR vids find it hard to last more than couple seconds when girls pounding away fast and nothing feels better than super slow script movement.

thanks again :slight_smile:

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…a VR suggestion:

VR Hypnosis Trainer - Scripted by Weavols

This is a truly mind blowing script, beautifully tailored to the action, must have taking such a long time to do. And you have Shibby sweet talking to you as well, what’s not to love! Just noticed when grabbing the link that Weavols has posted an even slower script so i reckon that one will do you proud.

Great idea for a thread, will be paying attention to the results myself! Also, aye, some kinda slow/fast scaling for scripts might be useful, but really i usually just read the heat map, if it’s pretty much all blue, then i’m sure it will do…


Slow vr videos… Sigh…

From what I have found it just doesn’t really exists at the moment. You can find scenes with some slow movement, but at some point the actress will start doing something at a faster pace. There is a couple options for making things more accommodating.

  1. Get the Heresphere VR Player. This player is amazing! It has the ability to slow down the playback and script at the same time.
  1. Adjust the script to your liking. I haven’t tried this with a VR script, but I know it works for 2d.
    Just keep in mind, if you slow the video too much it’s going to kill the audio.

As for a VR video recommendation I don’t have much to offer. I usually end up switching between a few different videos, and using HSVR player to slow things down.
This one has been my go-to lately, some slow bj action with great eye contact.

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So yeah slow slow, since you want that kind of pacing, there are basically 2 types of videos that will offer it to you in my experience, which is edging videos, which I didn’t really link since they tend to be more of a fetish thing, so it’s more of a taste thing, rather than being slow for being slow, but they definitely exist, like say this:

Or the girlfriend experience which, while more of a mix bag in what concerns speed, do tend to go towards the slow stuff, and honestly, it’s a fair bit of what I linked like this:

Although the graphs never tells you everything, like that previous video for example you clearly have that fast section in the middle, but by the time you get there, the video is already 40 minutes in, with about 20 minutes or more of those being scripted and mostly fully “blue” stuff.

Anyway as far as vredging stuff besides the one that I linked you have these (will also include ones with fast sections towards the end, since it’s the end of the video):

Then a few slightly more agressive, but still all around slow: