Easiest way to smooth out scripts?

What’s the simplest way to take an existing script that’s too fast or w/ too many small movements and turn it into something slower that the Launch can keep up with?

Funexpander all the way. Just use the “min. interval lenght” and “speed limit” options. I think the default values are meant for the launch:


I see that limiting speed and adjusting min interval length are two separate buttons. So is the right way to use it to run one, then the other?

I think so, probably “min. interval” first because it can reduce the speed of the strokes when it moves points that are too close to each other.

Looks like it, thanks!

  1. There is also a function to adjust the delay between two points and set it to a defined minimum and a function where you can define the maximum speed in the script. The Launch has its limits, the delay between two points has at least to be 167ms or more and the speed can’t go over 500mm/s.
  • Min. Interval Length: Spreads the points to this value, if the delay between them is shorter
  • Speed Limit: Limits the speed of a stroke to this value, if it’s faster than that
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