Easy Device Integration (EDI) integrate your Game NOW!

to use ultra with a EDI game integrated just put your ultra key in the devices keys textbox

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download this succubus farm let me know if it work for you, just open edi exe and put your key, then click reconnect

@dimnogro Alredy tested and it works pretty good. I Just have a question Is It possible to remove the loop option? Because i realy want to play the game like It was a live action; syncronized with the game activity (If the sex scene end the Autoblow Ultra should stop too and start when a new sex scene appear). I try Succubus farm but after the First sex scene the Autoblow Ultra keeps going, and i can only stop with the pause button from EDI.

Double tap the TAB key to disable/enable the filler

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@dimnogro will EDI be usable with buttplug and intiface in the future ?

already is, open intiface central and then edi @MetiuRix

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