Easy way to modify the beginning of a funscript?

Hi, is there a simple way to remove a couple of seconds from the beginning of a funscript to help sync it with a video? Alternatively, is there a simple way to add a few seconds of blank space to the beginning of a video? Thanks!

ScriptPlayer has three simple commands for exactly that (Script menu):

  • Trim (Remove any script commands before/after a certain timestamp)
  • Shift (Move the entire script by X seconds forwards/backwards)
  • Save (Save the edited script as FunScript)

OFS also has an easy way to move scripts relative to the video.
Open the video and the script in OFS.
Place the cursor where you need to see the script align with the video.

Use drop-down “Select” and “select all”

Press “Shift” and hold then press left arrow to move the script left or the right arrow to move the script right on the timeline. Just make sure the entire script or the part you want to move stays highlighted during the move.

“Cntrl + Z” will undo the previous command should you oops!