Edging / Gooning Videos

Hi it is me again :slight_smile:
I am very into my handy right now and i tried gonning and edging and loved it. I tried it a bit with some longer videos but i was searching for videos 1h+ with edging content. Dont matter if it is a long fuck session or a PMV or something like that. Pls no Hentai, 3D porn is okay.
And yes i tried the search function but i didnt found any.
Any recommendations?

Have a look at FapTap | The Interactive Porn Experience and the edging tag. There are 40-50 videos and some are a bit longer (25-45 min), but there doesn’t seem to be any 1h+. Maybe you can setup a playlist to achieve the 1h+.

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Try it


My favorite Edging video has always been Filthy Cute (Edging)


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