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Ive been thinking/dreaming of a piece of software or a function inside an already existing software to use with the handy that has the function to edge without having to do much interaction.

I know this idea probably is very hard or even impossible to execute, but it would be fun to still hear what the community and its creative and talented creators has to say about it.

Think of using the Handy, and with a piece of software, its able to know when you’re on the edge through many uses. And then adjust the tempo/speed down to your prefered rate, to prevent you from going over.

Say you have to manually press a button when you’re about to cum, and from that it knows how to behave, how much to power down, when to increase in speed again etc.
Going up and down like this indefinately.

Would this even be possible?

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Right now the only product that exists like that goes in your butt. Which is not so much a problem for a lot of men (straight men included.) However the edge-o-matic 3000 is not at this time compatible with the OSR. It is in the works and there are a lot of people who want to see it happen. It uses pelvic floor contractions to do exactly what you are talking about automatically and it learns based off of your use from what I understand.


This here could do it a little bit.


But everything is manually though and as the name says, pretty simple.

I do think something you want will be possible. And I don’t even think it’s too far away. AI and deep learning progresses more and faster and will sooner or later find its way in masturbation devices I think. The hardware itself will be not so much in center anymore, but the software will be the thing, that makes stuff happen.

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Okay, thats interesting! Though im not so interested personally in butt things myself.

Im more looking for something more software based that can be used with the Handy.

Is something im interested in, deep learning program that learns as you use it.

Think of a software you use for, lets say a month. Each time you use it, you enter in how horny you are feeling that day on a scale from 1-10. How long since you last ejaculated.

Then you let it know you came, or perhaps gradually update it with how close you’re to cumming as you use it. Doing this for a few uses or several will let it learn how to behave.

That would be something id loove… And definately something id pay for if someone was able to make it.

I am not a software expert by any means, but I imagine something like this could be possible one day.

What you can do in the meantime:

You probably know and maybe even use Script Player?

You could create yourself a playlist. You can use or make yourself scripts for long sessions. You would have script 1, an edging script. When you get too close, you would press your hotkey for the next script and script 2 loads. This one goes way slower, so you can cool down. Then you would either go back to script 1 or to another script, script 3. And so on and so on.

Creating scripts for something like this is really simple. You can load them for every video you want to watch for that session.

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Thanx for the tip. I’ll check that out.

It’s probably the best solution as of now. I hope someone will make something even closer to what im looking for some day.

For edging I recommend HandyControl in combination with a gamepad.

Load a script (+video) and start it. Now use the gamepad to overrule the script at any time no matter if it’s too slow or too fast. You can use the triggers to adjust the speed in real time so you can stay very close to the edge. If you release the triggers you can fall back to the script or stop (depends on settings).

This needs a bit of practice but works realy good if you have a hands free mount. You can also use this in case you cum so you can slow down the action with the gamepad until you are done. No need to endure a fast script during climax.


I dont know if this will ever be possible with a reasonable Effort, but as far as I know, Tempest is fiddling with the Integration of the Nogasm in one of his "Babies", lets hope that he is finding a solution at some point, wiuld be awesome.

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Ill check that out!

Can you bind mouse buttons in HandyControl? (mouse button 4 + 5)
I can just imagine having my hand on the mouse while using a handsfree device, and easily able to control it would be pretty awesome. Thus not having to move my hand over to a controller.

Also, does an xbox controller work? (cabled)

Mouse commands can’t be bound directly. But you could use the command line to set those values with any app or use VoiceAttack to set stroke and speed values with a voice command. There is a profile in my download folder.

Yes, xbox works. Tested with 3 differeny types. Currently having an xbox series X/S usb cabled controller.

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Hello again.

I found a little something. The Handy team released a new firmware and with that a testing page. You may need the new firmware for this test page features to work, haven’t tested it yet.

There are already two eding presents. You can also create your own presents. I think it’s really cool and opens a lot of opportunities. Only downside is, that you have to select the presents with the mouse.

Maybe it’s something you will like.


Thanx for the reply.

Honestly though that just looks like two presets with different stroke lengths and speed, and has actually nothing to do with edging.

If there would be something software based truly capable of edging you, it would have to learn somehow when to speed up/down. Most likely based on your inputs over many uses.

Or hardware based like the edgeomatic.

Though I just can’t wait for this to be possible!

Regular user of HandyControl here. I honestly dont know how other people do it post climax without some sort of slowing down down the action on demand. This is where HandyControl stands unrivaled amongst all its other wonderful features.

What a great piece of software.

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I also thought about it but its different every time. Without any sensors the software can’t know how you feel and how close you are. Real edging is difficult even for humans if you are doing it right. Some people think they know how it works but then if you play some of the not so well Cock Hero videos with edging parts you notice that they dont know what it realy means. So how should a machine be better at it without feeling what you feel?

Thats just the new stroking range feature of the new firmware. They called it “edging” but you better call it “slow stroking”. There is no AI behind this feature. I will implement this in HandyControl at some point when the new firmware is stable enough.

You are probably right. In my mind I had the idea that somehow you could input different variables over a long period of time, the software would eventually learn your patterns.
Say before you start a ‘session’, you input how Horny you are feeling, how many days it has been since last. And throughout your session you input how close you are to climaxing, eventually letting the software know once you have.
And over time it would be able to learn and adapt. Well, it’s just an idea and probably not really possible the way I want.

Then all that is left is a hardware solution, like the edgeomatic.

Perhaps some type of ‘cockring’ would work? Measuring the resistance in the band around your penis, how hard it is.Normally one do get harder before climaxing.

Can HandyControl be used along DeoVR/SLR? Noob here and I agree, having the action continue full bore post climax is scary AF.

It’s supported in HandyControl. SLR not.

As the dev said above, DeoVR is supported. Look up the set up instructions on the HandyControl thread under software.

I actually mostly use VR and theHandy in non-sync way coz I do enjoy a variety of non-hardcore stuff such as solos. An xbox controller will give you some sort of a wireless controller for theHandy. I highly recommend this set up :grinning:

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