Hello everybody!!!

This is a topic to help me start to understand electricity toys, scripting for them and those who enjoy them. - I hope it is in the right place.

Im looking for the following input.
(if you could kindly put General / Toys / Script before your comment so i can keep track, i would be really grateful.)

General comments.
ideas and thoughts anybody has…but them below. I want to hear about:
Video types (PMV/Action based etc) - the more detail the better. Such as types of action…slow/fast…etc. I have not used these toys before and so i would like to get an understanding of what the masses like most!

Toys + Builds
I have been given some quite good resources already. But if anybody has any comments on types of toys. (cockrings, pads, insertables). Builds of toys (E-stim seems expensive - but is it necessarily better?)

Technical + Scripting
I am good with scripting, but i need to know if there are any tools to convert which are simple to understand. Also workflows - anybody who has done this before…do you script from a totally different place (I use OFS), or do you follow the same work path and simply convert after?

Scripting, is there any tips? Lower levels are better perhaps? Quick changes are to be avoided…that kind of thing? Obviously working with electricity is a TOTALLY different sensation to vibes or movement. I am guessing that the scripts need to be a bit more subtle…but i might be totally wrong?

I will add to this as i go and im kind of using this topic as a base for collecting information!

Thanks you amazing lot!!! <3



In general, using a triphase setup where the position from the script is translated to a point of maximum electrical stimulation (as explained by @electro) works very well with funscrips written for the handy.
There are some points to be aware of. With the handy, the intensity increases with the speed, with estim it is constant. (depends on the current and the phase relationship).
In my setup, I increase the current and/or pulse width depending on the speed.
Also, when there is no movement (two consecutive points have the same position) I turn off the current completely.
This is all handled by the python script that plays the video, and sends commands to my diy power box.
The script reads the video and the funscript file without any conversion.

This works fine, but it could be even better. For instance, if you have a handjob/ blowjob where the action alternates between the head and the base, it leads to unrealistic fast stokes if you script it just like that. As a scripter, you have to get creative to avoid such fast strokes. With estim, there is no physical movement, and you could just jump from one position to another without movement. It would even be possible to stimulate two places at the same time. Also, the intensity can be set independent of the speed, for instance licking can have a softer sensation than stroking.

This is all not supported by the funscript format, which is just a list of times and positions.

This is a big question which has no one simple answer.

There is an unlimited number of permutations available in configuring your equipment to your body to use an estim device. There are different types materials (conductive rubber loops, rings, insertables, pads, conductive lube). Just the variety of options available in the placement of the electrodes is a heavily discussed topic in the community. Not to mention that your body itself changes from day to day so yesterday’s setup may feel different today based on your hydration levels. However, every stimmer eventually discovers their preferred setup - there is no wrong or right setup - with the possible exception of never pass a signal across the chest!!

For what it is worth my setup is common on tip, left at base and right under balls. This is a Tri-phase setup. To me this setup works best with funscripts when converted using the phase modulation site: https://cfs6t08p.github.io/funstim/funstim.html with settings of 1s, 44Hz, 420,520,620, expand to full range.

Maybe a quick word on wiring is needed. Most devices output two channels (eg. Left and Right). Each channel usually has two leads (eg. Black and Red). Its possible to stimulate two different areas on the body independently by isolating the channels. eg. Left Black on tip, Left Red at base, Right Black on prostate, Right Red on anus - with this setup the left channel can be stroking the penis while the right channel is penetrating your ass. Custom handcrafted audio files are best of this type of setup not auto-generated phase modulated files. Phase modulated files are better for a tri-phase setup where one lead from each channel is combined into a common like in my preferred setup.

Finally audio frequencies are another aspect of estim variety. I’ve found that certain frequencies will give you varying effects (like rotating, stroking, flicking or a continues touch). Many handcrafted audio files will achieve these effects quite well. But, using auto-generated phased modulated files wont necessarily mimic these effects as the funscript only dictates position over time and does not impact the frequency to be used.

There are two main category of devices; Raw Stereo devices and Digital devices. The first allows the raw signal to flow unadjusted - think of it like listening to a record album using an old record player (eg. BTSTIM). The digital devices process the audio signal and output an interpreted signal - think of this like a computer-based audio player (eg. 2B). I have both types but much prefer the raw stereo signal, to me it just feels smoother and deeper. I find the 2B often muffles the details of the signal.

So the type of toy used will greatly impact the user’s appreciation of the script.

As for scripting I find that what people here discuss as speed has no impact on estim as electromagnetic waves can change in direction in a factor of the speed of light.

Here is a recent example of a script (by @memezee) which I’ve enjoyed quite a bit recently. The variety of patterns used ended up generating very pleasant sets of variations from section to section;

Anyways, hope this helps if you have any questions feel free to message me or if you want someone to test a pattern out for you I would be happy to give you feedback.