ELI5 - Help needed downloading/installing buttplug to work with Scriptplayer

Ok, this topic is very confusing to me. I want to use Scriptplayer with my Handy. I downloaded and installed the latest beta. The instructions say to get buttplug.io. The link takes me to a dll library and I don’t know what to do with that. In the Scriptplayer installation instructions there is a link pointing to something called using buttplug with scriptplayer but the link is broken. I saw another thread mentioning a Scriptplayer setup video but I can’t find it.

At this time what I have is Scriptplayer downloaded and installed and buttplug dll libraries downloaded but I feel something is missing and I don’t have a clue what else I need to install and how to integrate them. Can anyone offer any advice? Thanks.

If you want to use Scriptplayer with your Handy directly via bluetooth (Handy firmware 3.x needed) then you’ll have to install also the Intiface Desktop app which can be found at GitHub - intiface/intiface-desktop: Desktop GUI App for Intiface Service Usage. Then you need to make the appropriate settings in both apps and it should work.

Note: there were some messages on buttplug.io discord that some bluetooth adapters on Win10 are problematic and don’t work. I myself had no problem with my motherboard integrated bluetooth so I didn’t take further notice.

Thanks, that’s 1 major part solved for me. I have installed Intiface. Do you happen to know where I can find a settings guide so each app will work with each other?

just go to devices in the scriptplayer and there should be a connect intiface there. but if you like to run the handy over the wifi (stronger signal in most cases) then you can connect directly to the Handy in scriptplayer by going to devices and select connect the handy directly (as far as i remember there is no intiface needed then) enter the connect data for your handy and it should work.

Why not use HandyControl?

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