End of Summer Sale - Now Accepting Payments in Multiple Installments

Here is a link that will apply a 5% discount code to your order. One use per customer so make it count. This link will be valid until 09/22/2021.

Here is the code SMM4RANYZY5C

Starting now you can make payments in multiple installments. I hope this is a helpful option.

In other news I am still creating and pricing bundles for buildable kits. It is taking a little longer than I expected. Thank you for your patience in this regard.

Have a great rest of your evening, morning, or afternoon; wherever you are. :slight_smile:

Also there was an issue with another discount code that was emailed to some customers. Please retry with any emailed discount codes if you experienced any issues.

Original sales post : Summer Sale 10% off OSR2(+) and SR6 [Sex Robots] For Sale

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I made an order to see, my printer is broken, if it goes well I will do another one

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I am very interested in the bundles for DIY kits.


Couple more questions,

Does the code work for SR6? or just variants of OSR2?
Also, I can’t find the option for making payments in installments… where is it? that would actually help a lot.

You should see it now at checkout thank you for your patience.

The code will work for the whole cart one time.

DIY Plastics Kits are now posted.

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huh, 4 payments and then when i click through it’s every 2 weeks? I was thinking every month. That’s strange… they would say that instead of 2 payments monthly… since credit card bills are due monthly anyway, 2 payments split in 2 weeks isn’t really different than 1 double payment in a month…

but it said the installments are for US shipments only when i tried. booo =( must be a weird shop pay restriction.

This is a new option for me as well so I am still learning.

I will look into more options as time goes on as well.