Ending a script in funscripter

Hi guys, im working on my first script but cant for the life of me work out how to end one section of the script (when theres a pause in the action) and start a fresh when the action starts back up, if i scroll through the video and input a new value it links with the last earlier on in the scene. How do i do this?


If I’ve interpreted your question correctly, I think you may have to use a slight work around. The link that funscriptor shows are just visual, they don’t actually determine the movement. The funscript file just gives points and times for the device to hit. The way it goes from point to point is determined by the device’s firmware itself.

For example, if you tell say the Handy to be at 0 at t = 0 and 100 a half second later, it will hit those two spots at those times, but the path (velocity, acceleration, etc.) it takes to get from 0 to 100 is determined by the Handy firmware not by the script.

If you want to have no movement between sections of a script like you say, I would just put a “dummy” point before the beginning of the next section. That is, if Section A ends at 0, then maybe 0.25 before Section B begins, add another 0 there. Then the device won’t move between the end of Section A and the dummy point right before Section B. You could put a bunch of 0 points between Section A and B, but at least previously for the Handy, I’ve had some weird behavior with that in the past. I remember a firmware update recently that said they made the device better at long movement interpolation so you shouldn’t have an issue with what I’m suggesting.

I’ll see if I can mock up a quick screenshot of what I mean and post it in cause my rambling doesn’t make sense to you.

Presumably your situation is something like between measure 77 and 78 here.

My suggestion would be to do this then:

So its starting at measure 78 at 50, but it doesn’t slowly rise in the interval between them. Fundamentally, you will have to have some movement to get from 0 to 50 between Sections (in this contrived example); its just a matter of how you distribute it across the pause in the action.

I hope that was helpful, and remember, the interpolation between points are just drawn in by OFS. The funscript file is (mostly) just a series of point-time pairs. That’s all you can really control.

Thats great thanks for that, essentially it just starts from where it left off, i thought there might of had to be a defined break in the script for longer periods of inaction, but no.


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