Enjoy handstracking with SLR videos

Hope you enjoy https://gfycat.com/matureweedungenesscrab
Let me know if any ideas to make it work with scripts.

Hands customisation will be coming with future releases. Potentially we can make hands interact with the videos.

First, go to the “Hands and Controllers” section in your Quest headset’s settings (settings > Device > Hands and Controllers). Turn Hand Tracking on.

Now, when you open any video or image for the first time with hand tracking enabled you will see a tutorial showing you the special gesture (clap) that will open or close the player interface.

This tutorial can be disabled in the tutorial and reenabled in the Developer Settings of the DeoVR app.

You will find a new button on the main player panel that enables or disables hand visibility when the interface is hidden. Here’s where you can enjoy trying to “touch” objects in the video.

In the Controller settings of the app, you can assign movements such as pinches of different fingers to various actions, such as assigning the middle finger of your primary hand to make a screenshot.

Note: when the player interface is hidden no actions will work apart from the clap. This is to avoid unwanted actions when watching the video.

By default “Main action” is set to the index finger of the primary hand, “Back” to the pinky finger of the primary hand, and “Change primary hand” to the index finger on the secondary hand.