Enjoying standing up position and guy movement on VR videos

Hi all,

Most of the time in VR video with the handy I’m skipping the part where the guy is standing up or / and is actually doing the movement in the scene.

How do you enjoy those parts in VR. It feel very weird when the handy is moving and the guy too but actually you stay static.

Any tips feedback on that ?

i tend to skip those parts as well (even before i got a toy). my go to positions are the guy on his back she’s sitting on top of him facing the camera. or she stands above you (facesitting style) while rubbing her pussy (if the guy rubs her its a skip again)
but lately i slowly start to appreciate non-pov more and more (in the begining it felt wrong somehow which is strange as i’ve watched so many non-pov 2D porn it shouldn make a difference but it did).

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Only answer I have is “don’t stay static,” but realistically 95% of what I watch is sitting or lying on my back. Standing and kneeling are kinda hard to manage because you really do kinda rely on the other body being there for stability in those positions, and as you say the toys are generally not built for you to be moving nearly so much as they are.

That being said, aside from standard lying missionary (which I have found totally unworkable) you can kinda pull them off. Just try to match the rhythm of the toy in the way you’d try to match the rhythm of a real partner.