Eroscripts - Filtering topics by creation or last post date

Hello, so as a new eager Handy user and (still quite passive) community member, I’m browsing years of amazing content you guys have created and collected here in eroscripts. Not to miss anything great I scan free scripts category and some other post by post.
But as there is dynamic paging, and next topics are loaded by scrolling, very often the page just forgets it was showing let’s say posts from Dec21 and reset itself to latest/oldest posts. It takes lot of time to scroll a year back. Is there a way to limit by date when browsing the category (eg. I tried to copy relevant part of url from advanced search (which has a way to do that, but the results don’t show the image preview). :frowning:
Thank you in advance. It’s nothing critical, I just keep thinking there has to an easy way…


Paste this in the search bar, change the dates accordingly

#scripts:free-scripts after:2023-07-31 before:2023-08-01

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Thank you for the prompt reply and handy short way for search.
It’s just that the format of the results in this case is the same as from advanced search, so like this:

while my goal would be: