"Error converting file to Handy format"


I am running into an error, when trying to play one certain script with ScriptPlayer. I also can’t play that script on the Handy Feeling site itself. But I can play it with HandyControl. What does HandyControl do different then ScriptPlayer and Handy Feeling?

I am using this video and script in a big playlist. And it’s really annoying when this video starts and this error occurs.


I tried to copy the strokes out of OFS and then to paste them into a new script, but this doesn’t work. It doesn’t remember the copy.

I don’t really know how to fix it.
If anybody has an idea how to fix it, I’d really appreciate any tips.

This is the script file.
He Can’t Handle the Tight Pussy - Cums inside (part 2).funscript (20.2 KB)

Thank you very much in advance.

If I should guess I would start searching here. Maybe HandyFeeling and ScriptPlayer cannot handle this.


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Thank you! That was the problem. I removed the “(” before and thought that might cause a problem. But I didn’t think a ’ would cause problems. Weird, because that is nothing uncommon. I understand that ä ö ü doesn’t work, but a simple ’ shouldn’t cause such problems.

Thank you very much!

Should be fixed in any version that came out in the past weeks (known issues)

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