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Error message when opening a video on joyfunscripter

hi everyone i have a problem with joyfunscripter when i open a video to make is script at the top right it gives me an error message how i can fix this problem please :cry:

-Could not detect framerate.Falling back to 29.97fps
-Could not render any streams fom the source Uri
-Object reference not set to an instance of an object

The first error will happen often depending on the video source.
It’s nothing to really worry about. The other errors sound like you don’t have certain software installed. Make sure to install the software below as listed in JoyFunScripter 0.13.1 - Make your own scripts!

now it works well but when I export script for a test it gives me this

-ffmpeg.exe not found please download and place in the app directory

Oh, you’re doing “Export Clips”.

Just use the “Save As” option. That’s for saving scripts.

we can you do automatic script ???