Etiquette for adding multi-axis scripts to existing scripts

I ordered an SR6, and am now subsequently going through my existing catalog of scripts I’ve downloaded trying to figure out which ones I want to add multi-axis features to… My question is what the rules/etiquette are around posting and sharing these additions. I don’t want to step on toes since I didn’t create the original script, but I would also love to share my additions with the community.

Everyone will see it a little differently. Some will certainly not have a problem with it, some will not like it.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with it, as long you note my name as the original scripter and a link to the original post.

I’ve seen some post their multi axis additions to other peoples scripts as a reply on the original post. The original scripter could edit the post and add them in and add credits to the multi axis scripter. Generally easy to do, just ask permission first. This is a good community though, any addition would be appreciated by most.

As have been said.

  • Give credit to the scripter of the original script.
  • Don’t copy the original script and post it in your own thread. Add a link to the forum post or store page where the original script can be downloaded/bought.
  • Optionally, check with the original scripter if it is ok. However, my personal take on it is that the original scripter has no say if you create additional original scripts that can be used together with another creators script that you only add a link to and also give credit to. This assumes that you won’t change the original script. If you need to change it then you need to ask for permission first.

Thank you all for the input! This is all along the lines of what I anticipated, I just wanted to make sure I won’t be crossing any lines. If I post some multi-axis scripts, I don’t intend to include the original script - I’ll put a link to the original post. I considered replying to to threads, but I feel like a lot would get missed that way - I rarely go very deep into comments (unless I’m looking for a new video source).
Is it a taboo to put a link to my multi-axis post as a reply to the original thread? Perhaps that could cover both bases.

Thank you so much for considering adding multi to existing scripts. There is a small but eager group of us that really enjoy multi and really appreciate anyone contributing.

I mean if the post is edited by the owner, the multi axis tag can be added, and your multi axis additions can be added right under the regular one

Adding in here as another scripter - speaking only for myself - if someone wants to multi-axis my stuff that’s fine, just give credit for the original script.