Etiquette for creating scripts for sites who already have them

I’ve created a script for a scene found on the ‘jerk off games’ site. I’m unsure if it’s considered poor form (or even against the rules) to make that available here, given the scene/site already has scripts behind a paywall.

Thought I’d check before posting.

There isn’t any rule against it.
There is a long thread about a similar case (creating a free script for a video that has a paid script already) if you want to read more about it.

You’re good dude. We have multiple scripts all the time here. No two scripters can script the same scene the same way. Some like everything really exaggerated, some like everything so precise you could put a ruler on the dick, some like blowjobs to feel way less intense than piv penetration, some create movements when spit or lube touches the dick, some like the strokes to get more intense during the build up to the cumshot, and on and on and on. Scripters will even release multiple versions of their own scripts for different tastes. This is what makes scripting such an interesting and personal art form.

The only problem I see is copyright. Not for the script, but for the video. If illegal links get posted here, this site might get in the focus of those publisher because we f*** them twice with video sharing and free script.

How the chance are, remains the question. Not high I think, eroscripts is 2 years online and still full of illegal sharing :joy: