Exaboy Flash Game - Robozou - (Hacked Version, all scenes)

:information_source: Game description:

(Summarized) A robot named Robozu has arrived to help you. Because you’re a fucked up person, you use the robot to mind control and have sex with the people around you.

Using the nice flash tool created by notSafeforDev (can be found here). this maps a funscript to each games’ animations.

Made for theHandy

Contains Rape and Loli Content

:memo: Install Instructions

I highly recommend using initiface has it handles speed functions far better

Standalone Install Instructions:

  1. Download the full standalone package from the mega below.
  2. Run Flash-toy-sync-as2.exe, select the game located in animations-as2
  3. Ensure that your Handy is in Wifi mode and that the connection key is entered into the program (or initface)
  4. Press Play

(The mega should already contain the required flash-sync program)

:file_folder: Script

Folder contains the game, the associated json, the flash sync tool, and the intiface connector

:memo: Notes

Found this really weird game when I was looking for dlsite games to animate. It reuses several animations, so I tried to make them “unique” to each character. It should work with an unhacked version of the game, but I never tested it. If there’s a desire to have the base game working, I can do that

:red_car:Next Releases:
I have a good amount of the titfuck PeachyPp34 games done, so expect those soon in a later pack. I’m currently working on finishing those, then doing the Super Smash Girls - Titfuck game as I’m figuring out a way to use the tool better.

In an ideal world it all goes pog and it can be released soon. I want to try my hand at the pppu style games, I think I’ve found a breakthrough, so prayge