Flash Toy Sync - Sync sex toys to flash games

Flash Toy Sync

Flash Toy Sync

From a classic flash animation by ZONE, HentaiKey Girl 1

I got inspired by Fallen Angel, to revist a project that got me into developing stuff for theHandy. That project is flash toy sync. A flash application which makes it possible to take most existing flash animations and sync sex toys to them. At least theHandy for now, but the intention is to make more toys compatible with it.

This time I’m also making it open source, along with it being developed in FlashDevelop, rather than Adobe Flash/Animate, so people can compile the project themselves without needing Adobe Flash/Animate.

It’s mainly made for Windows at the moment, but I’ll look into ways to get it running on mac.

You can download a zip of the build, from here: Releases · notSafeForDev/flash-toy-sync-v3 · GitHub

Here’s a quick guide to how scripting works: https://imgur.com/a/lkGZJ4z

And here you can find some animations to try: Flash Toy Sync Animations - Google Drive

Each animation has an swf and a json file, you will need to download both and place them in the animations-as2/3 folder. The swf file is the actual animation, where as the json file stores all the scripting data.

For theHandy, make sure that you’re on the latest firmware. Then you just have to launch flash-toy-sync-as2/3.exe, browse to the swf, enter your theHandy connection key and click play.

For buttplug.io compatible toys, you also need to run intiface-bridge, which is included in the latest release. As well as change the connection type in the main menu. You can read more about it here

It’s still very much work in progress, but now I feel it has just enough features for people to be able to use it. I also want to know what kind of animations people want to script, and the kind of issues you’ll run into, so I can focus on dealing with those problems.


I remember being a fan of this little tool and was sad to see it didn’t work with firmware 3. Thanks for updating it!

Edit: oh, the new edit mode seems so fun compared to the previous one! love the ability to put top/bottom positions on the animation!


Great to see someone that actually liked the original. I hope you like this version as well!

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trying to make something with this tool but on one animation i cant get the base to attach and stay on elements for auto track. Like i can see the element highlighted, i hit B put down the base, and then when i play back to check it the base is just gone. I can put it on another element, but not on the one I want to put it on.

Thanks for trying it out!

Feel free to link the animation you’re working with, I’ll see if there’s something that I have to be improved with the tracking system.

Things like that generally happens when system built to keep track off elements, looses track of the element that you originally attached the tracker to. This is especially prevalent for parts like a penis that is penetrating a hole, as those animations usually uses masks to hide the tip of the penis.

For those situations, it can help to not use the rewind shortcut (Shift + Left/A) and instead step 1 frame at the time, as the system have an easier time resolving which element the tracker should be attached to.

If you still can’t keep it attached, you can always record a few frames where it stays attached, and then re attach the trackers on the frames where it looses track.

If it’s too difficult to get it to work with the body part that you want to track, it can sometimes be better to pick a more reliable body part, such as the hips instead of the base of the penis.

Yea i ended up just attaching it to a different part, like you said. The animation is Crash Landing part 1 by the lustylizard, i don’t have time to create an account somewhere and upload it right now, maybe ill get to that later. But you might already be familiar with it. The particular animations its having trouble on is the third row of “bubbles”. It detects the penis as a part but when i put the base down and hit space to start the animation it just bleeps out of existence. So I don’t think its exactly like what you are describing, but idk I’m a real amateur at this.

also noticing that my Handy (FW 3.2) seems to stutter on faster animations about every 3 seconds, and that’s across all the animations I’ve tested. (4) as well as the one im working on. Actually i bet its doing that stop all the time, you just don’t notice on the slower ones.

Odd, for me the trackers stay attached while the animation is looping. They do however disappear when I switch between different scenes, which is expected. But not when pressing play.


Crash Landing pt1

In the hierarchy you can see the colored squares at the far left, which indicates which child each tracker is attached to.

So the only thing I could think of is that you have more scenes added, which might cause some sort of an issue.

I just checked the fourth row of scene buttons, and yeah, for that it does loose track of the trackers for me as well. Though the good thing about these scenes is that the penis doesn’t move a lot, so you can get away with just recording the first frame for the tip and base, as it only needs at least 1 frame recorded for each marker.

As for the stuttering, that’s something I’m looking into. The issue is that the number of frames in a scene doesn’t always match the number of frames that are actually playing in the animation, which means it ends up getting de-synced, and the toy stops moving before all the loops have been completed. It’s something I’m definitely looking to improve.

Alien Animation Blowjob Porn GIF by senorgif2 This is whats happening for me, just to be clear. when paused on first frame, it seems to detect the penis element, but when playing the base point disappears completely, and you can see I’m dragging it around and it wont detect that element while its playing. And yea this seems to happen with all the rest of the animations as well.

on an unrelated note, you know about buttplug.io? it would be great to see this work with that, there’s a much wider variety of devices available on that platform, including the sr6 and osr2, which are 100x better than the handy. (much more DIY tho)

Thanks for taking your time record it!

That’s really odd, I’m doing the same thing and are not having that issue. Have you tried saving the project, (Control + S) and loading it again?

If things start breaking when you select the scene, it’s always a good idea to play through everything normally until you get back to that point.

Yep, the plan is to implement buttplug.io, as I’m not sure how bluetooth works with flash. So it will most likely require another application, so that flash-toy-sync can make http requests, and then the other application can interact with buttplug.io.

However, that’s something I don’t know how to do yet, so this is something I would really appreciate some help with.

As for the osr, I hope to take the existing scripting system, and add support for scripting both depth and pitch. I would just have to add a way to specify the default direction of the “penis”, then as the angle of the “penis” changes, it would use that for the pitch… or is it jaw…

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The standalone “tomboy” animation doesn’t seem to be playing out the full scenes. Any ideas as to why? I’ve pasted the Flash sync as2 into the folder but it doesn’t seem to be working.

That’s because it’s using the trail version of that animation, which only includes 1 loop for each scene.

I might purchase the full version of it and script it as well, so for those who own it, can play it.

Just to be clear, are all the scenes except the blowjob one working with the handy for you?

Would it be possible to add features to offset sync and increase stroke length/ script intensity?
Some flash animataions exaggerate the penis length which cause the handy movement very short

That’s actually something I have been planning to add. I’m thinking of doing it in a way where a penis size can be set for each scene. Then users could set their own preferred intensity/length for different penis sizes. That way scenes can be scripted to be as accurate as possible, while allowing individual people to tweak how it plays to their liking.

Since you mentioned it, I’ll make this higher priority, after adding buttplug.io support.

Another related idea is to be able to add optional scripts to scenes, like cum scenes. So if you want to have fast rapid strokes during cum scenes, each user should be able to configure that.


I found a temporary solution: Adjustments on HandyFeeling can reflect in the app

Thanks for sharing that! I might actually implement something similar to a minimum stroke length as well.

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I have now added support for buttplug.io:

You can read more about intiface-bridge, which is now included in the latest release, here

It’s not perfect as the script playback isn’t as smooth as it is for theHandy when using the API. This is likely due to the algorithm I created for smoothing scripts, probably isn’t working well enough.

But I also don’t have enough experience with buttplug.io, so I would like some feedback to get a better idea of how well it works for people with different kind of toys.

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