Experienced Users: Creating a Breakdown of the Different Sex Robots & Their Features

I have been a Handy user for a year after first starting out with the OG Launch. Recently, I’ve been considering adding the osr2/sr6 to my hobby but, one thing missing in the forums is a dedicated breakdown and comparison of the different features to each toy (Launch, Handy, OSR2, SR6).

I think if an experienced user that has a “top to bottom” knowledge of all the the toys could create a post breaking down the differences in an easily digestible manner (ie Table or List) it would be awesome for newcomers. This would be especially useful for those who are also considering the OSR2/SR6.

I would be more than happy to organize it given the information by a prominent and well versed member here in the forums if needed.


if this gets off the ground, definitely throw it up on #howto


I doubt that anyone has knowledge about the majority of the devices except maybe realcumber who seems to have a lot of headsets and stroking devices (but probably not all). However, he works full time scripting so I doubt he has the time to do such a comparison.

If you can start creating a table/list for TheHandy with specs/features in it then others might start adding the info for devices they own. It’s all about lowering the bar so that it become easy for people to help out.

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@sentinel I like your suggestion about the Handy. I will get things started with creating the template and filling in details for the handy and try to collaborate with others especially when it comes to the OSR2/SR6.

Finalized version will go into the #howto section.


It would be nice if there was a new category “Information” or something like that, where users can post new things. For example: really good discount codes, new sex toys, new sleeves and so on.