Experiencing issue while scripting VR

Hey all :wave:

I’m having this sync issue when using JoyFunScripter to script high quality VR videos. Some of you may be familiar with this issue as well.

So, when scripting and/or playing at a lower framerate, the script seems to match the video just fine…

…However, whenever I go to play the video at normal speed, the script starts getting out of sync like crazy. And then when I pause the video it skips X number of frames. As if it’s trying to catch up with itself.


I’ve seen the threads for JoyFunScripter tutorials where people specify this same issue with framerates dropping. But I haven’t been able to find a clear solution.

I have the 60FPS version downloaded. And I have some VR scripts completed. I just need to know how to make JFS run smoothly so I can actually review and adjust!

Help! :grimacing:

Use funexpander to create an I frame version.


Also, it’s best to use low res copies of the video when scripting. Makes it run way smoother.

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