FapHub Discord Server (5th iteration)


A while ago I created the HMV Mania Streaming Site thread which mentioned that the 4th iteration FapHub discord server was taken down on November 24th, 2021. I’m happy to announce that the 5th iteration is now online as of October 9th, 2022! :sunglasses: :raised_hands:

You can visit it at Faphub. You can also check out the DISBOARD entry.

Some creators of HMVs and/or Fap Heroes have come to EroScripts and I’ve seen HMV Mania linked here a few times for some funscript threads. Having people with knowledge about funscripts can provide advice and be a great addition to the server as this content creation can be intertwined in communities.

I should also note that this discord server is text-only. No media, no links – this is to ensure the safety of users given what’s happened to other servers in the past that were not just FapHub.

Server suggestions are also welcome, whether in this thread or in the #server-suggestions channel!

Have a fantastic day and feel free to join. We’d love to see this community of creators and scripters grow with lessons learned from previously.