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HMV Mania | HMV Streaming Site


I am AlphaSigma and I am an administrator on HMV Mania. I saw that there was a thread on this site that linked to HMV Mania (specifically the Bass Cannon thread and wanted to give some information about how the site started, which will also provide context on how you can work towards your own privacy and safety.


In short: HMV Mania started with a group of people who understood the frustrations of creators on other sites.

You may know about the December 2020 PornHub purge that happened where PornHub lost 80% of its videos with the forced verification process, which itself is a tremendous violation of privacy. Unfortunately, sites like xvideos and xhamster also followed suit, requiring you to provide IRL verification to upload videos. And then guess what? You still get buttfucked in the ass with DMCA complaints.

This led to some creators moving to Spankbang as it didn’t require IRL verification to upload. But then a bunch of accounts and videos disappeared again. Spankbang, and basically every mainstream porn site out there, is a joke.

Apparently the bar is so low that asking for respect of your privacy just to have nipples or genitals in an animated music video is too much to ask. It’s just sad.

There is a backend team on HMV Mania that wishes to remain anonymous, but I am the designated main communicator that can help facilitate ideas from users for the site and provide a vision forward.

HMV Mania Mission Statement

You can find the mission statement on the site: Mission Statement - HMV Mania

In short, the 10 main goals are:

  1. Provide a place where animation music videos can stay up.
  2. Deliver content on a consistent basis, and take an incremental approach.
  3. Encourage newer content and diversify artists.
  4. Monitor site stats to consider site upgrades.
  5. Provide a clean and safe streaming experience for users.
  6. Never resort to money as a reason to strong-arm others.
  7. Be receptive to community suggestions.
  8. Never stop reflecting.
  9. Be transparent about goals.
  10. Take accountability for this mission statement.

The site is 100% free. No paywalls, no ads. What was fortunate in this situation was that the topic of cost was already handled where the site would not require outside funding for at least two years. Even without outside funding, there was discussion about making sure the site would stay up without financial problems. This meant the site would not have ads for a long time, if ever. If the site were to ever have ads, it would need strong community agreement to put on the site.

This approach is a stark contrast to other sites that have abysmal “customer support” and do not take creators’ privacy or safety seriously.


This is also where HMV Mania is quite different than other sites. The financials have already been sorted out in discussions before the site went up.

Don’t worry about financials for the site. They’re covered :slight_smile:

So What Happened?

In May of 2021 I found out that someone was stalking me and was the reason I lost my first discord account back in December 2020, and the reason for the FapHub 3rd iteration server getting deleted. The 4th iteration lasted until November 24th, 2021.

This then brings up a major question: What the hell is going on? Why are so many accounts disappearing on these sites/platforms, and why aren’t videos staying up?

In some cases, there are hentai publishers and companies that are aggressive such as Mary Jane, SoftGarage, and Goldbear. If you upload HMVs with footage from Paidol or Amakano for example, you’re lucky to have a video up for more than 24 hours on Spankbang or any other site.

But there is someone in particular that is targeting specific creators. I had no idea what was going on until May 18th, 2021 when someone messaged me on discord by the name of “cringe”. Mind you, this was roughly 6 months after I lost my first discord account.

So this basically states at least two things:

  • Someone is being persistent in reporting videos, especially from specific creators, to DMM and UMG.
  • This person is an endless stream of alternate accounts.

I later found that this same person is potentially impersonating DMM, by using a public e-mail address (not from a DMM domain). DMM uses a separate service called digital commerce to handle copyright related matters.

After HMV Mania was up for a few months, this person reached out again with personal threats and doxxing, with an IRL picture of someone I knew and later changing it to a family member related to that person.

On iwara, a user by the name of Secretsquirrel ended up insulting iwara staff and also being annoying to me and another creator. I called him out on being the “cringe” person and that made him so bad to the point where he made one final attempt in threatening me. Then he stopped trying to DM me on discord as I had changed my DM settings.

After talking with iwara staff, Secretsquirrel got banned from the site. A few days later, an account by the name of “Successfulsquirrel” follows my reddit account and sends a bunch of copyright complaints (impersonating DMM most likely). And the image below is just one example of many reports that user did to my reddit account.

Secretsquirrel on iwara was an account that was created October 31st, 2017. This means that this “cringe” person has been harassing people for at least 4 years.

And if that Secretsquirrel account following me and a bunch of my posts all of a sudden getting DMCA reported wasn’t suspicious enough? In February, the r/HentaiMusicVideos subreddit got closed off as “Request to Post” and then two weeks ago it got banned.

Yeah, this situation smells like shit. But hopefully this gives you some more insight as to why your privacy and safety is important as a creator.


As of March 22nd, 2022 HMV Mania has videos from 167 unique creators as seen in this list: HMV Makers List - HMV Mania

However, only around 20% of these creators I’ve been able to reach out to. A lot of them seem to have content that was posted on 4chan but no clear way to contact them.

If you are a creator and would like an account on the site and start drafting up posts for videos, please let me know and I can help get you set up. Note there is a page for creators about how to draft up video posts on the site. For Creators - HMV Mania