Fast paced PMV or HMV script?

Hello :raised_hand:

Anybody know any fast paced PMV/HMV that is scripted? Been trying a few PMV’s but i don’t like how slow the up and down movement is.


I posted a few HMV’s this week you might like :sunglasses:

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Hi Hippacoma,

If your after 2d try this one by evilpapa

YouPorn - fucking-machine-compilation-pmv-music-video-nero-fugue-state - Scripts / Free Scripts - EroScripts

If your after VR then may I suggest the below

Best VR PMV - Action script - Scripts / Free Scripts - EroScripts

Both are ridiculously fast.

Finally if your after something a bit longer try a cock hero video on hard mode. There is a program that lets you convert normal vids into double time.

Fun Expander 2.5.1 - Video converter with ffmpeg to i-frames added [Updated 2021-02-19] - Software - EroScripts

Doesn’t require any scripting knowledge to use.



Thanks for the info. I’ll give the fun expander a try

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