Fast script issue on scriptplayer

I use the handy and scriptplayer and usually they work perfectly fine, but recently there have been some scripts I would LOVE to have in my library, but the strokes are just too fast. It causes my handy to stutter and it loses some inputs along the way. I use intifaces bluetooth connection thing to ensure the video and handy are as synchronized as possible. The handy feeling website plays the scripts perfectly fine, but it doesn’t sync up with the video perfectly a lot of the time.

If this is an issue with my settings I’ll gladly take any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

There is a way to sync the script by regulating the delay of the script command. Did you try that when you were using I also had a sync problem when I used Bluetooth. So I ended up using Wi-Fi connection method only.

Try the latest beta and turn the min command delay all the way down (0 or 1 ms) - apparently that helps

Changing the minimum delay to 1 did the job. Thanks friend, you just saved a good chunk of my collection.

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