Fastest way to test a script on your handy?

Right now I basically just script something ofs, extract the fun script and then test it in script player or Handyverse app which is hooked up to my handy. Is this basically how everyone else tests their scripts or is there a faster method?

If you script for BLE, you can test it in real time by using bridging MFS and OFS with Intiface.

In Intiface:

  • Scan device and make sure Handy is connected.


  • “View” → Websocket API → Check.


  • Set input (at the top) to OFS. Connect.
  • Set output (at the bottom) to . Connect. In “Device Map” select Handy. Change to “Polled Update”.

On Wi-Fi I prefer using ScriptPlayer’s “auto reload script” feature.

I always test my scripts part by part when I do my wanking sessions. Replace the old file with the new updated one and then use Heresphere. If something doesnt work out I do a mental note of that part and then get to work later.