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Favorite Fleshlight Sleeve

Who here has experienced multiple Fleshlight sleeves and has recommendations/insights? I have a Stamina Training Unit and a Stoya Destroya - Destroya is the only one I’ve used in my SR6 (plan on trying the STU soon) and am investigating getting a new sleeve (perhaps more than one). It’s hard to pick when there are well over 100 sleeves. Websites like have been somewhat helpful in narrowing down my search; however, given we all use automated strokers of one form or another, the sensations differ from using them in a more traditional way.

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I hate to say it, but it’s really personal preference. Your size will dramatically impact your experience. Knowing what kind of things you like, for example I don’t really like heavy ribbing, as seen in Fantastica and I really enjoy Lotus nodes like Mini Lotus, will help guide you towards a sleeve, but you need experience in order to get there.

Thank you! I definitely agree that it strongly depends on preference, just feeling out what other are using.
The Lotus line was one that actually caught my eye, so very much appreciate your input.

i have the stoya destroyer which is or at least WAS the number 1 rated fleshlight when i puchased it, and i see why as it really is a good one, i have recently purchased an alexis texas fleshlight, cant remember its name but a review said it was really tight however it is VERY loose so that reviewer must have had a pretty thick member lol annoyed me a bit though as these are not cheap so getting a purchase wrong is damaging, luckily though i do still get use out of it so it isnt all bad,

i am still after a tighter fleshlight though so if anybodys knows of the best ones let me know :slight_smile:

i also own one of those blue turbo thrust fleshlights, that has never let me down when ive opted to use it

I bought a bunch in the black Friday sales but I really think the experience will vary massively depending on your length, girth and whether you’re circumcised. There is a reddit dedicated to them where people list their size before reviewing. Ultimately the amount of lube can vary the experience massively too. Sometimes my favourite will feel much worse if I get it wrong.

For me, I’m a bit above average 6.5 x 5.5 and I found stoya too tight. I really don’t enjoy any that have tight rings inside as I find it just removes all the lube very quickly. That being said the order of my collection is:

Turbo Thrust (blue, dunno if that makes a difference)

I have a couple of others that just don’t get used, like mini lotus and STU. The ‘girls’ material is much nicer than the old pink material. But again, it’s probably all subjective. I would say that the only one I would avoid using is the mini lotus, but others love it lol. All the ones I listed are very pleasurable and it’s hard to go wrong. They all have their pros and cons.

I have tried at least 10 and I have to say the butt stamina training unit is leader of the pack if you want to go fast and last decently long. The Destroya butt is great but a little too intense at faster speeds for me. Great for BJ scenes. Before I got a machine I would’ve told you the Turbo Thrust was by far my favorite… but its even more intense than the destroya when you’re not doing it yourself. The reason I keep going back to the STU is it feels as close as I’ve found to the real thing. I had sex with a gorgeous friend recently (yay) and tried the STU afterward just to judge the difference and let me tell you… it felt comically similar. Every girl is different but I would say she was even softer than the STU while still having a very subtle and random texture. I have a feeling one of the FL girls line will end up being my next all time favorite. I want to try the new Turbo Core and I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Mia Malkova if you’re a slightly bigger dude. The lips on hers also seem like they would add a realistic feel to BJs and other tip teasing moments. Other thoughts, the Turbo Ignition is way tighter than the Turbo Thrust at the tip, too much for me. The Ice Lady/Butt is awesome but similarly too intense for fast motion. The super tight is awful, only get this if you literally have a pencil dick. Have fun!

Madison Ivy - Beyond
Emily Wilis - Squirt
Kissa Sins - Insatiable

my top 3

I do not have personal experience with Heavenly, but reviews have said it is quite tight. Might read up on that one.

Do you mind sharing your size? I really like the look of Beyond, but I have read the first section is tight. I’d share my measurements, but I don’t know my circumference…

Here is a hack I’ve been doing for years, really wish Fleshlight would offer a texture like this.

I’ll do my best to explain.

  1. Original pink lady (no texture)

2 . Turn it completely inside out

  1. Expose the inside out sleeve to a heat source, I’ve always used the burner on the stove.

  2. Only expose the sleeve to heat for about 5-8 seconds at a time or will burn.

  3. While it’s still hot rub the heated area with your fingers, this will break up the smooth texture and create what I would call a natural texture.

  4. Repeat this process untill the whole inner canal is textured. (or only do this to one side, I find this really stimulates the feeling of a tongue rubbing against the bottom of your member.

The down side to doing this is it will cut down on the life span of your Fleshlight.

The end result will look something like this, this is the inside of a onahole.

funny you should mention that, i had a heavenly fleshlight, it was a jessica drake one, it was good, i actually wore that out lol

i might have to check out that STU, sounds interesting if it truly feels like the real thing

Thank you all! This is exactly what I was hoping for with a thread like this.

First, the Stoya Destroya is still my favorite out of the two I have. I did try the STU, and it felt “loose” in comparison, and the variation in the Destroya is rather noticeable (prior to trying both, I never really realized how the different zones had an impact). That said, I can attest to the STU feeling for natural/real, so if that’s what you’re going for it was rather nice. I did notice the STU is a bit of a lube hog, though… The lube just didn’t feel as effective for nearly as long. Perhaps a fluke, as I’ve only used it one now, but I think I do recall reading something about that in the multitude of reviews I’ve read. As @8ioni pointed out, it could be the difference between the “girls” material and the traditional pink material…

Heavenly came up a couple times - that’s another one that I’ve been eyeballing.

@SlowScripter that looks absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing.

I’ll measure and post my size when I’m able to.

Thank you to all the others that posted sleeves they’ve used! I’ll do a bit more research on all of them.

RE @8ioni (and anyone else that cares), we’re roughly the same size, 6.5x5.5.

thanks for your review :slight_smile:

i think the stoya destroyer is the one fleshlight that you should always have regardless, like if your current one breaks you dont buy a different one you replace it directly with another stoya destroyer lol it is deffo the best one ive tried so far

I love the Stoya Destroya one - there seems to be a general consensus about liking it. I look forward to trying some others, but if Destroya is a “go-to” I’m wondering if it’s worth the money, haha. I particularly like the “intense” sleeves, and Destroya is definitely that.

If/when I do order some I’m contemplating between (don’t really want to spend the money on all of them, so have to pick a few):

  • Insatiable
  • Thunder
  • Cupcake
  • Creampuff
  • Wonderland
  • Heavenly

Have more than I should (and have a few more on the way…). Think the Destroya is my least favorite.

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I often do something similar. Instead of water I will add a few drops of a much thinner lube.

Very similar - I keep a spray bottle of water on hand as well. Only reason for a spray bottle is that’s what I had on hand, nothing specific. Works well to keep the lube running smooth and reduces the amount of lube used. A little bit goes a long way!

I bought a Stoya Destroya a long time ago and it was my favorite. I used it till it fell apart. (Actually used it a bit after that too!)

I replaced it sometime early 2021. It was not the same. The nubs in the middle area were barely there at all - certainly a 1/4 the length that were in the original. I seldom use it.

Has anyone noticed this or am I remembering badly?