Favorite servos?

What is your favorite servo? Quiet, power, speed? I had been using https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07S9XZYN2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1

but I thought Id upgrade and get something fancy. I tried Reef’s raw 500 (look it up if you want) supposedly super strong and fast responsive etc. Great, try them out and they stutter, vibrate and generally not smooth unless the script is super slow or supper fast. the desk I have it clamped to vibrates. It really isnt ideal. they are quiet, I admit that like damn near silent, I cant hear them at all if I wear headphones. but this stutter is just too annoying.

So I was just wondering if you all have tried some other servos and see what you think, thanks


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best options i know of are $90 hitec d954sw and ~$50-60 jx 32kg brushless servos.

I have the hitecs now, swapped from some servos very simmilar if not identical to the 3235kg servos you linked. I they’re very smooth and at the speed I play scripts at, super quiet.

Definitely recommend the d954sw’s. Very smooth and quiet.

This is what happens to mine. Anyone here know if there’s a way to smooth this out or is it just the servo itself?

I just installed the hitec servos, they are just as choppy and stutter if not worse than the raw 500’s. I guess ill just stick to the cheapo’s. super disappointed tho, well over $400 now on 2 sets of “best of the best” servos, check out the video I linked there, I have no idea who posted that, they have comments turned off of all videos so I cant contact them either. Yea this is even worse than the 500’s its rattling the whole desk, ugh

What version of the OSR firmware are you running?

Have you tried connecting via different usb ports on you computer?

This shouldn’t be the case. What software are you using? Also are you connected via serial or Wi-Fi

unless you have dud servos thats not supposed to happen. do you have a pair that works correctly?

ESP32 v0.244b is the version I have installed. they work as far as commands and all that, however its like I can feel the digital “steps” at most speeds. I have not tried different ports etc but I will try that.

also both sets were purchased from amazon, brand new. sealed packages