Feature Request: Prevent first time posters from posting new topics under Paid Scripts

We have a regularly occurring thing where people who have never made any posts (not even replies) feel they are ready to start selling scripts. So their very first post here is selling a script under the Paid Scripts category.

While being a first-time poster doesn’t mean that their scripts are automatically shitty, there is some risk there that customers will get ripped off by scam artists or just bad scripts when purchasing from someone with zero script samples.

As a minimal protective measure, I propose that the Paid Script category be locked to prevent first time posters from creating new topics.

Comments welcome.


100% agree, even if a script or patreon is $5 maximum, the trust has to be there if i’m shelling out cash for a >1mb .txt file.

Maybe give it the same rules as Requests, I’m not sure of all the requirements for Trust Lvl 2, but that should be a fair gatekeep imo.

Y_D :dragon:

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How about we also get a tier list of scripters, and have a newbie tier on the bottom that way other people who don’t know who make the top tier stuff will then know. It would be on a voting average basis that way its fair and it can also give an intensive for those who make scripts will also be able to improve on their craft.

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I agree. However, I think this feature should prevent these first time posters only to create threads under the paid scripts subforum (until some criteria is met of course), but not block them from reading or browsing it. This is because there are lots of users who don’t make comments at all in the forums and just go to the paid scripts subforum to buy our scripts, and I think they should be allowed to do so.

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Yupyup, absolutely correct. I did not fully articulate my point that I just wanted them blocked from starting new topics under Paid Scripts—fixed now

100000% agree. I feel like it should be even a step further and put in place some sort of a scripter quality validation/verification/approval that needs to happen before they can post paid scripts.

Relevant discussion:

I believe it’s the scripter’s responsibility to add teaser / preview to their paid scripts, unless they’ve established themselves with quality ones. If someone appear out of no where posting a paid script completely out of context - I won’t buy it.

So I don’t think this needs to be enforced. BUT - I kinda want people to at least contribute something to the scripting community instead of treating this site like a place for ads. So I’m in for this change.


Looks around nervously as someone who posts paid scipts. Jk
But yes, paid script privileges should be gatekept until a couple of posts of free scripts are made. This allows feedback and them to grow as a scripter.


to add to this I now that a little notification of someone’s first post shows up, is it possible to do the same for lets say someone first couple of free scripts to get a push on feedback?

Don’t believe that feature is open to much customization…
I think just setting a trust level requirement for Paid Scripts category should be enough.

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I have mixed feelings about having different “tiers” for scripters, but I agree it makes perfect sense to require a bare minimum of one free script post before being able to post a paid script.