Feedback request on my first funscript

sorry if this is the wrong place, couldn’t find the “Request Feedback section” anywhere.

i just finished scripting my first video, link for the video:

script attached.
FF - Tifa 5.funscript (4.4 KB)

i thought this one would be the simplest video to script but still had some difficulty/doubt. mainly in whether or not to add more movement detail due to how the dick is animated, as well as dick-out-of-view sections (tried to use breast movement as an indicator, after analyzing their movement on angles where the dick was visible).

looking for any feedback at all.

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I hope I’ll could try it tomorrow :slight_smile:

Ok I check what is it.

It’s a good start, really I think, I mean you get the basics.

I just need to tell you that I don’t know if it’s for vibrations or linar :
All the points are reversed. It sync, but reversed.

On OFS, 0 is the lowest position, and 10 the highest. So more the saucisse is inside at all, more you’ll touch the 0.

It’s barely nothing, you just need to select all and click on “i” to inverse your points and it’s done. :slight_smile:


thank you. this might take me a while to mentally readjust that “up on graph/simulator” is “out”, not “in”… i was messing with the simulator trying to make it look more “logical” to me, but in doing so i enabled “simulator from the first day” and now i can’t figure out how to revert that :melting_face:

i’ve also received advice that in animations such as this one, where the movement is harmonic, it might be a good idea to find the pattern of this movement and place points in equal/alternating intervals to match them. i’m having a little bit of a problem applying this in practice as i can’t make up my mind in terms of which frame of male’s “non-movement” to place a point on, because of that there’s always like 20-40 ms of variance between the points i placed. feels like i’m overanalyzing the frames…?

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You’ll have to practice to find your own style.
Pausing in the script can be a very interesting tool, especially if you are looking for a greater resemblance. I generally don’t use it too much because I prefer a little movement rather than nothing. (a body is never purely static, but again that’s really just me).
Try to keep it simple to start. You will have everything to gain. Then, experiment with your movements, just to enrich your library of sensations.
And above all: try your scripts. This is honestly a good indicator of whether something is crashing.

Regarding the delay, consider it to be a maximum of 20ms, otherwise it creates a sort of beginning of dissonance.

To remove the simulator, go to:


thank you for advice once again. i made some tweaks to the script, incl. inverting the points, adding some extra movement to the climax part and shifting some points a few frames back/front to make action intervals a bit more consistent without going off-sync with the video. i’m also thinking about the movement range i applied (10-90). i think it makes sense to just increase the range as long as i don’t exceed the 400 m/s speed of the handy (which i believe made it 10-100, reserving the 0 position to the climax) - after all, it’s much easier for viewers to limit the range than to extend it, right?

if there’s nothing else horribly wrong with the script, i think i’ll submit it into the “free scripts” section today or this weekend. i did try it myself, it felt fine. a bit linear/repetitive but hey, that’s the movement in the video i picked…

also thankfully i got the simulator back to the right type by restarting OFS. toggling it in “view > simulator” didn’t bring it back.

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